Turkcell Introduces a Platform Open to all Banks Enabling Easiest Money Transfer and Payment Through Launch of Cep-T ParaCard with Garanti Bank

By Turkcell, PRNE
Tuesday, May 31, 2011

ISTANBUL, June 1, 2011 -

Turkcell (NYSE:TKC, ISE: TCELL), the leading communications
and technology company in Turkey is delighted to announce that together with
Garanti Bank, the leading bank in payment systems, it has launched a
co-branded prepaid card named "Cep-T ParaCard".

The Cep-T ParaCard is a no name prepaid card with MasterCard
logo issued by Garanti Bank. Turkcell customers can purchase the Cep-T
ParaCard and subscribe to the Cep-T Para service from any Turkcell
Communication Center (TIMs) and top-up money to the card via Garanti POS
machines at TIMs, or from any Garanti ATM. Customers can use their cards for
payments worldwide wherever MasterCard is accepted. The Cep-T Para service is
a SIM based secure service that can be used with any handset. Cep-T Para
subscribers can use this service to transfer money to any operator's mobile
subscribers. Recipients can withdraw their money instantly from Garanti ATMs
by simply using a secure code sent to them, without a debit card. Subscribers
can also use the service to top-up their prepaid lines.

Garanti Bank CEO Ergun Ozen has said that "We are starting a
new era with the Cep-T ParaCard, a joint project with Turkcell. This new
product integrates the mobile world with banking to provide privileges to
mobile users. 2/3 of the population in Turkey does not utilize banking
services, either due to their age or income. We target to reach 3 million
people through our prepaid ParaCard, and 1.5 million people via Cep-T
ParaCard within 3 years."

Turkcell CEO Sureyya Ciliv has said that "Turkcell is always
proud to introduce another first for mobile finance services. We aim to
provide the advantage of mobility to those who cannot make full use of the
banking system. Accordingly, we have introduced Cep-T Para as a mobile
financial service platform available for all banks to facilitate our
customers' daily lives. We also provide the banks an alternative platform, on
which they can reach nearly 20 million people currently beyond the financial
system. We believe that Cep-T Para, which combines the advantages of mobility
with financial operations, will become an indispensible part of our lives. We
expect to reach 5 million users, including 2 million newcomers to the banking
system within 3 years."

About Turkcell

Turkcell is the leading communications and technology company
in Turkey with 33.1 million subscribers and a market share of approximately
54% as of March 31, 2011 (Source: Our estimations, operators' and Authority's
announcements). Turkcell is a leading regional player, with market leadership
in five of the nine countries in which it operates with its approximately
60.4 million subscribers as of March 31, 2011. Turkcell reported a TRY2.1
billion (US$1.3 billion) net revenue with total assets of TRY15.2 billion
(US$9.8 billion) as of March 31, 2011. Turkcell covers approximately 83% of
the Turkish population through its 3G and 99.07% through its 2G technology
supported network. It has become one of the first among the global operators
to have implemented HSDPA+ and achieved a 42.2 Mbps speed using the HSPA
multi carrier solution. Turkcell has been listed on the NYSE and the ISE
since July 2000, and is the only NYSE-listed company in Turkey. 51.00% of
Turkcell's share capital is held by Turkcell Holding, 0.05% by Cukurova
Holding, 13.07% by Sonera Holding and 1.19% by others, while the remaining
34.69% is free float.

Read more at www.turkcell.com.tr/en

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About Garanti Bank

Garanti Bank, with an established history of 64 years, today
is Turkey's second largest private bank having total consolidated assets
reaching US$ 90 billion. Garanti provides a wide range of financial services
to its 10 million customers through an extensive distribution network of 853
domestic branches; 6 foreign branches in Cyprus, Luxembourg and Malta; 4
international representative offices in Moscow, London, Duesseldorf and
Shanghai; over 3,000 ATMs; an award-winning Call Center; and the
state-of-the-art internet and mobile banking platforms built on cutting-edge
technological infrastructure.

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