Wahanda: Beauty Brain Treats for Budding Entrepreneurs

By Wahanda, PRNE
Monday, May 16, 2011

LONDON, May 17, 2011 - Lord Sugar is Back and Looking for his Next Apprentice, but you don't
Have to Face the Terror of the Boardroom to Stimulate Your Business Brain,
say Wahanda.

The Apprentice is back with a bite! Gone is the prospect of becoming Lord
Sugar's apprentice; this year, "suralan" is on the hunt for a budding
entrepreneur in which to invest GBP250,000 towards their own business. As the
first two episodes exploded onto our screens last week we already have some
classic one liners, ranging from "Don't tell me the sky is the limit when
there are footprints on the moon", and "I don't fit the mould"!

As Sir Alan conducts task after task to test and stimulate the business
minds of his candidates in his bid to establish who really doesn't fit the
mould, we can sit safely in the knowledge that thankfully, Wahanda
(www.wahanda.com/) have found an easier option for getting those brain
cells active: massages!

That's right… sit back, relax and train your brain the easy way - book
yourself a cheeky spa break (www.wahanda.com/spa-breaks/) and let
Wahanda provide the treatments to help stimulate your mind, without having to
face the wrath of Lord Sugar…

1) Indian head massage (
www.wahanda.com/places/treatment-indian-head-massage/in-uk/): enjoy
the full benefits of an authentic Indian head massage which will leave you
and your brain relaxed and revitalised. Not only does this sumptuous
treatment relieve stress and fatigue, it also induces clearer thinking,
improved concentration and higher levels of energy.

2) Foot massage (
www.wahanda.com/places/treatment-foot-massage/in-uk/): with the reflex
point for the brain located at the tip of the big toe, a fabulous foot
massage is sure to stimulate your brain and promote it into active, healthy

3) Shirodhara (www.wahanda.com/places/treatment-shirodhara/in-uk/
): why not try this gentle and holistic treatment that is fast becoming one
of the most popular head massages in the UK. Whilst incredibly relaxing it
also stimulates blood circulation to the brain and soothes the central
nervous system, aiming to wholly still the mind on a deep level through warm
oil on the 'third eye' - the forehead.

4) Back massage (
www.wahanda.com/places/treatment-massage-therapy/in-uk/): as relaxing
as back massages can be, relieving tension and stress, they also benefit the
brain. Studies show that regular back massages promote an excellent feel good
factor and a healthy balance of the brains processes, leading to increased
energy and confidence. Book yourself one today and get smart whilst enjoying
a beautiful session of relaxation!

Choose to treat yourself to any of the above treatments alone or squeeze
as many as you can into a spa weekend (www.wahanda.com/spa-breaks/)
and we promise you'll have those little grey cells sparking without having to
defend your business acumen in the boardroom!

What is Wahanda?

If the Internet had a speed dial button for health, beauty and wellness,
Wahanda would be number one. Wahanda is doing for wellbeing what Amazon did
for online retailing - providing an intuitive and easy-to-use website to
learn about treatments (everything from acupuncture, facials and massages to
Pilates, nutrition and personal training), share ratings and reviews, and
book the hottest deals, gifts and offers from the most comprehensive listing
of spas, salons, studios and fitness centres across the globe, all with the
simple click of a mouse. Wahanda was named in ELLE's top ten beauty websites
2009 and FabSugar named Wahanda best UK beauty website 2009. Wahanda is a
Native American word that means "The Great Spirit & Creator".

Contact Information: For further information on any of the above contact: Harriet Warwick or Lucy Hilson at The Spa PR Company, T. +44(0)20-7100-7018, E. harriet at thespaprcompany.com / lucy at thespaprcompany.com

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