You’re just older. You’re not dead. That is the message from TSN’s CEO & President

By The Sports Network, PRNE
Tuesday, September 27, 2011

HATBORO, Pennsylvania, September 28, 2011 -

The Sports Network (TSN) - It was announced today by The Sports Network, the nation’s premiere real-time source and wire service for sports content, that their CEO and President, Mickey Charles, and his wife, Rosalind, Vice President of the world-wide organization, have launched a new effort directed at the already immense, and rapidly growing, baby boomer generation.  The premise is that “You’re just older.  You’re not dead.” and the url for the site is

“The fact of the matter is that we all have to grow older,” stated Mr. Charles, “but, that being said, we do not have to grow old in the process and it is our inherent right, a demand of our very being, to enjoy every second and moment we are here, to live to its fullest and not be hindered by such inane topical invitations as ‘bucket lists.’  We simply go out and enjoy…do whatever the heck we want, when we want, plan accordingly and relish every adventure, trip, days and hours with family, experiences, discoveries, challenges and the world about us.  And, we like all other groups need an Internet destination that caters to us specifically.

“We are,” he continued, “the baby boomers.  We have the most money in the country now, spend more than anyone else, are a real force and are more active than our parents ever were.  We are 75 million strong and are growing at the rate of 10,000 per day.  ’Boomers’ are the fastest growing demographic online and represent over 25% of the population, 65% of the net worth of all U.S. households and over $2 trillion in disposable income.”

Mike Weslosky, Director of Creative Design for TSN and, specifically, for this effort, added, “We put together a team that included some of Mickey and Roz’s generation but mostly others, like myself, whose parents and grandparents are our target market.  We think we understand and can relate to them, we know what they want, the design and content they seek, the ease of navigation through the site coupled with the ability to grow and enhance it on an almost daily basis.  I can assure you that it will not be stagnant or without activity at any time.  Key members of my team will make certain of that…Matt Scrabonia, Content Manager; Maureen Galeone, Contributor Liaison; Bernie Greenberg, Content Innovation and many others from our core group. Our goal,” he concluded, “is to equal, or surpass, the international success of The Sports Network.” is an all-encompassing destination that is intended to advise, inform, entertain, educate and create friends across borders and oceans. 

“We golf, we travel, we photograph, we play tennis, we explore, we take the grandchildren with us over the protests and concerns of our own children assuring them that this is not the first time we have taken care of children, lest they forget.  We get older with class, dignity, a sense of adventure and learn to love what we see in the mirror every morning.  We do not stop working if that is our choice and we revel in it.  Now,” Mr. Charles added, “we have a site of our own.”

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