1,000 Social Media Statistics Released

By Topline Communications, PRNE
Tuesday, June 14, 2011

LONDON, June 15, 2011 -

- B2B Guide to Social Media Boasts Most
Comprehensive Collection
of Social
on the Web

The B2B Guide to
Social Media, a blog providing practical advice to
organisations in the B2B space on using social networks today
publishes its href="www.b2bsocialmediaguide.com/2011/06/15/we-now-have-1000-social-media-statistics/">
1000th social media statistic.  The blog
started publishing statistics on social media usage, social gaming,
Twitter, LinkedIn, apps and others in March in an effort to provide
a single hub of reliable information on social media.

The B2B Guide’s editor, Heather Baker, comments: “Running href="www.toplinecomms.com/">B2B PR and social media
consultancy, TopLine Communications, meant we were regularly
looking for statistics and research on the subject. While there is
plenty of information on the web, it was never easy to find exactly
what you were after. We therefore decided to collect data on social
media and publish it ourselves. This has proved highly popular,
attracting thousands of visitors to the blog each month.  

“We designed the stats pages to be valuable to the business
community - we know that a statistic is only useful if it has
context - such as sources, date published and the region it relates
to, so this is all readily available on the site,” she

The social media statistics pages are updated every Friday with
the latest data published in the previous seven days. They cover
everything from when the first tweet was sent (March 2006) to the
number of new blogs created a day (120,000) and the amount of time
spent watching YouTube via Facebook each day (over 46 years).

Baker concludes: “Statistics are just one element of the B2B
Guide to Social Media. The blog also offers introductions to B2B
social networking, overviews of the main social networks used by
B2B organisations, B2B social media case studies and easy-to-follow
guides on developing a B2B social media strategy, creating
objectives and building a B2B social network. Our goal is for the
blog to become the definitive resource on B2B social media usage.”

About The B2B Guide to Social

The B2B Guide to
Social Media is a blog created and edited by Heather Baker, MD
at TopLine Communications.

The guide is an essential ‘how to’ for marketers and
organisations seeking clarification on how key social media
platforms can be used to reach business audiences.

In addition, the guide provides a broad overview of the numerous
social media tools that determine presence, quantify reach and
integrate the results of any campaign.

Recognising a need to use social media is the first step: The
B2B Guide to Social Media provides vital information for those
seeking to determine the merits of specific platforms and
ultimately the most appropriate ways to target their efforts.

About TopLine Communications

Communications is an award-nominated PR agency that aims to
create opinion leaders, ensuring clients’ messages reach their
target audiences via the appropriate media channels. Working
closely with journalists in the broadcast, print and online media,
incorporating social media campaigning, TopLine generates headlines
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TopLine is a media-led agency, drawing on the advice of a
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