For Cannes Lions Festival, MSLGROUP Launches Real-time Conversation Platform With Celebrity Reporter @badbanana

By Mslgroup, PRNE
Tuesday, June 14, 2011

PARIS, June 15, 2011 -

- Twitter Star at Heart of Reddit-like
Mobile Site That Allows Delegates and Non-delegates to Be
Everywhere, All the Time, at Cannes

MSLGROUP, Publicis Groupe’s speciality communications and
engagement network today launches href="">,
a fully mobile conversation platform, curated by the public.
American blogger Tim Siedell - considered one of the funniest
people on Twitter ( href="!/badbanana">@badbanana) by Twitter
co-founder Biz Stone, TIME magazine and Mashable - heads up a team
of roving reporters, setting the tone for a platform designed to
provide insight and provoke comment about people, events and deals
during the Cannes Lions festival of creativity.  Afraid
there’s so much going on at Cannes that you’ll miss something Eric
said? Or worse, fall behind on industry gossip outside the
infamous Gutter Bar?  Don’t worry, MSLGROUP and @badbanana
have you covered.

Created for anyone interested in the Lions - festival goers or
not - href="">
provides a ‘Spy Magazine’-like eye on Cannes, with the broader
Cannes community effectively the editors: adding content, but also
voting up/down existing content so that only the very best surfaces
to the top.

Ensuring an all-important level of irreverence and humour on the
mobile site is Siedell, a 20-year advertising veteran and
award-winning creative director, named one of 21 influencers
“reshaping media and marketing in 2011″ by Advertising Age.

MSLGROUP CEO Olivier Fleurot commented, “I’m very happy to have
Tim on the team: his presence in Cannes, and reporting role for the
Centrale project, helps ensure a rich dose of insight, humour and
cheek - vital ingredients of course to engage the Cannes

As a precursor to next week’s festival - and to help people sift
through the multitude of seminars on offer - with characteristic
wit Siedell has listed his ‘top picks’ for the Lions href="">here on the
CannesCentrale site.

About href="">

is a fully mobile site, enabling anyone (not only Cannes delegates)
with a smartphone to interact with the festival by adding,
commenting and sharing thoughts, gossip and pictures via their
mobile devices. To add content, visitors will need to create a
login, or they can login using their Twitter/Facebook accounts. If
visitors to the site wish only to rate existing content, no login
is required.

About Tim Siedell

Tim Siedell is a thinker, writer, and retired trombone
player (1980-1983) currently living about as far from New York and
Los Angeles as you can get at the same time. You can find his work
at Funny or Die, in the comedy section of the Huffington Post, and
on Twitter as @badbanana.



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