Facebook Users in the UAE Constitute 50% of the Population

By Iqpc Middle East, PRNE
Monday, June 13, 2011

DUBAI, UAE, June 14, 2011 -

With exponential growth in social media globally, reports
indicate that usage in the Middle East is increasing at a
phenomenal rate, with more and more internet users spending time on
social networks.

According to a report conducted and published by Dubai School of
Government (DSG) in April 2011, 50% of the UAE population were
using Facebook while Bahrain had 36% and Qatar 30% penetration of
the same platform. Furthermore, the GCC countries (with the
exception of Saudi Arabia) primarily prefer to use English on
Facebook, most likely because of their large English-speaking
expatriate population.

The UAE showed the highest number of Twitter users in the GCC
region with more than 200,000 users according to the same report
published by DSG. What is very significant however is that most
information on Twitter is generated by a minority, while the
majority use Twitter to consume news as more of a newsfeed than a
micro blog.

The report is prompting companies and organisations to adapt to
social media as a branding and communications platform in the
digital age.

At Click 5.0 - The Digital Marketing Event for the Middle East
taking place from 26-29 June in Dubai, leading corporations in the
region will showcase their social media success stories including
Aramex, BBC and Rotana Media Group.

Aramex has early on utilised social media in their communication
and are one of the most successful companies in the Middle East on
communication through social media. They will present an exclusive
case study at the event, while Lina Shehadeh, Chief Marketing
Officer of Aramex will share success stories on the challenges of
keeping customers loyal through social media.

The event will feature Donald Steel, Chief Communications
Advisor, BBC, UK and Alexander McNabb, Group Account Director, Spot
On Pr, UAE and senior marketing communication directors from
Expedia, National Bonds, Ericsson, Qtel, GoNabit, Saudi Telecom,
Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, flydubai and Jacky’s Electronic. All
information is available at href="www.clickmarketingsummit.com/">www.clickmarketingsummit.com

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