2011 IB Diploma Programme Results Again Show no Grade Inflation

By International Baccalaureate, PRNE
Sunday, July 10, 2011

GENEVA, July 11, 2011 -


Results for the May 2011 International Baccalaureate Diploma
Programme examination session were issued on Tuesday 5 July.
Approximately 41,000 diplomas were awarded globally with over 90
students worldwide achieving 45 points - the highest total a
Diploma Programme student can obtain.

The pass rate of the full diploma in 2011 is 77.75%
and Director General Jeff Beard highlighted that
The IBs unique assessment model is
criteria-based and designed to ensure a high level of both validity
and reliability. As a result, IB diploma pass rates remain
consistent year-on-year and are not subject to the grade inflation
trends seen with other educational systems.

The pass rates for the past 5 years are:

Pass rate per examination session

May 2007    78.78%

May 2008    79.02%

May 2009    78.71%

May 2010    78.06%

May 2011 (preliminary figure)    77.75%  

The preparation of exam papers and mark schemes begins at least
18 months before the examinations. The session reaches its climax
in June with about 50 grade award meetings, each one led by a Chief
Examiner. Around 270 examiners attend the grade award meetings to
establish grade boundaries in each subject, enabling us to issue
full and accurate results on 5 July.

Approximately 111,500 Diploma Programme candidates sat exams in
the May 2011 examination session, an increase of 8% over May 2010.
This session, staff in the Assessment Division will have liaised
with around 7,000 examiners, received and processed two million raw
marks and issued half a million grades.


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