2011 World Leisure Expo Worldwide Marketing Wins Support from Dr. Hans d'Orville

By World Leisure Expo Committee, PRNE
Tuesday, April 12, 2011

LONDON, April 13, 2011 - Dr. Hans d'Orville, UNESCO's Assistant Director-General for Strategic
Planning, attended the Paris Promotion Campaign of the 2011 World Leisure
Expo (en.wl-expo.com/expo01.html) ("the Expo") on April 11th and gave
high praise to the Expo, which is to be held from September 17th to November
in Hangzhou China.

Dr. Hans congratulated the World Leisure Expo Committee ("the Committee")
on the success of the London Campaign
on April 7th, which also drew attention from the British tourism industry and
local media. He expressed his appreciation of the Expo and extolled the
Committee's innovative solutions and achievements in promoting cultural
diversity as well as communication and collaboration between regions and
nations via such a grand gathering.

The Expo is a large international event that aims to popularize
advanced leisure concepts, services and products that stimulate life
improvements from the perspective of leisure culture. Rich and varied, the
expo hosts a multitude of activities, namely, exhibitions, forums, leisure
experience (en.wl-expo.com/expo07.html) and other events, attracting
all kinds of guests from all around the world, including tourists, exhibiting
cities and enterprises, leisure scholars and others.

In 2006, the first World Leisure Expo invited 88 cities from 26
countries to open pavilions, among which cities such as Nimes, Leeds, Berlin,
Oviedo, Hague and Pisa were included. Statistics from the Committee showed
that over 34 million people participated in activities. The economic benefits
were obvious: 233 business events (conferences, exhibitions, etc.) in total
brought Hangzhou, the host city, over GBP 620 million in foreign capital,
while trade turnover reached about GBP1.3billion.

Mr. Shi Yongsheng, Deputy Director of the Committee restated the
profound influence that the Expo exerts on peoples' changing lifestyles. He
noted that a palpable experience of leisure in such a setting could never be
experienced elsewhere.

"New concepts of leisure spring up everywhere at every moment;
but you can't duplicate the experience of the Expo. We keep updating people's
vision towards the leisure industry, economy and culture. This year, many new
items have been brought in, such as the International Leisure Carnival and
the International Concert and Beer Festival."

According to Mr. Shi, the Committee will operate a marketing
campaign in Germany next and spread the advanced concepts of leisure culture
to a wider audience.


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