2011 World Leisure Expo Debuts with Worldwide Marketing Campaign Kicking-off in London

By World Leisure Expo Committee, PRNE
Thursday, April 7, 2011

LONDON, April 8, 2011 - The World Leisure Expo Committee recently launched a worldwide
marketing campaign for the 2011 World Leisure Expo in London. Mr. Shi
Yongsheng, Deputy Director of the 2011 World Leisure Expo Committee,
addressed excited attendees during a press conference at the Marriott Hotel
Grosvenor Square on April 7th. The kick-off event was held to promote the
campaign and to allow Mr. Shi to send his personal invitation to citizens
from around the world. Also present was World Leisure Organisation Chairman
Derek Casey. Mr. Casey confirmed his attendance at the Expo.

Mr. Shi introduced the Expo that will be held from September 17
to November 18, 2011
, in Hangzhou, China. Promoted under the theme "Leisure -
Enhancing the Quality of Life," the eagerly anticipated international Expo
will cover a multitude of leisure activities, while also providing a full-on
leisure experience. The organisers have invited 50 cities and 50
leisure-based enterprises to share their culture and experiences on how best
to drive the leisure industry's development.

When asked about why London was chosen as the first stop in their
worldwide campaign, Mr. Shi expressed his excitement, noting that it was
because the Great Exhibition of 1851 in London marked the beginning of a new
era in world fairs. Drawing on the connection, Mr. Shi hopes that the 2011
World Leisure Expo will blaze a trail for the prosperity of the world's
leisure industry, changing people's lives for the better.

Mr. Shi said, "We aim to foster collaboration and communication
among cities from home and abroad, and we are dedicated to providing a
platform to present the latest developments in the leisure industry. We are
determined to advocate the academic research of leisure, and ultimately, we
believe, help transform the industry by helping to shape new modes of

This new cooperation is actually the second time the Hangzhou
Municipal Government and World Leisure Organisation have cooperated with each
other. In 2006, they successfully held the the 1st World Leisure Expo, which
lasted six months and welcomed 88 cities from 26 countries. 34.22 million
people attended the Expo, while 233 business events brought Hangzhou over
GBP620 million in foreign capital and a trade turnover of about GBP1.3

Next on the campaign trail will be France and Germany.

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