Aero Management Solutions, LLC Launches Trip-Speed Mobile App

By Aero Management Solutions Llc, PRNE
Thursday, September 22, 2011

FT. LAUDERDALE, Florida, September 23, 2011 -

New iPhone/iPad App Accelerates Aircraft Owner Response Time to Availability Requests, Reducing Lost Charter Opportunities

Aero Management Solutions, LLC (AMSL), a company focused on developing digital solutions to improve the aircraft ownership experience and enhance owner-manager relations, announced the release of Trip-Speed (O) (Aircraft Owner Version) and Trip-Speed (M) (Aircraft Manager Version), new mobile applications for iPhone and iPad users.  

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When used together, the Trip-Speed apps provide aircraft owners and their charter management companies instantaneous, interactive communication that expedites aircraft owner response to third party requests to charter the owner’s aircraft. Currently, charter management companies must rely on the aircraft owners to respond promptly to a phone call or email to determine whether that owner’s aircraft is available to fly a revenue flight. Any delay in owner response can result in lost revenue for both the owner and the charter management company.

With Trip-Speed, the owner or owner representative is instantly alerted to the availability request via a “push” notification to their iPhone or iPad. The owner then immediately reviews the trip details provided and responds. Trip-Speed eliminates charter availability requests lost in email and voice mail clutter. By expediting owner response, Trip-Speed increases revenue as well as aircraft owner and charter customer satisfaction.  A summary built into both apps displays a tally of requests and responses, improving accountability.

The apps are easily and quickly deployed to aircraft owners, aircraft managers and their respective representatives, so that communications reach decision makers quickly and seamlessly.

“A delay in aircraft owner response-to-availability requests is the single biggest challenge in providing a prompt response to a charter quote request,” said Kevin Diemar, President of UnityJets, a charter broker located in Miami, Florida. “Our clients simply won’t wait. Any delay in response from the first operator usually results in our having to call another operator to secure that charter for our client.”

“Trip-Speed is a critical tool that increases the speed with which owners can confirm availability of their aircraft for charter trips,” said Stewart Lapayowker, Chief Executive Officer of AMSL. “It’s a simple formula: faster responses mean a greater probability of securing charter trips and increased charter means thousands of additional revenue dollars which can then offset the owner’s own operating costs.” He added, “There is no reason why the level of technological advances in the cockpit shouldn’t also be applied to the owner-manager relationship in the aircraft management industry.”  

Trip-Speed is available in the Apple App Store through iPhone and iPad.

Aero Management Solutions, LLC develops digital solutions to improve the aircraft ownership experience and enhance owner-manager relations.

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