AnIML, BSSN Software and phaseFour-informatics Join Forces to Brainstorm About Laboratory Information Management

By Pharma Iq, PRNE
Thursday, April 7, 2011

LONDON, April 8, 2011 - Burkhard Schaefer, AnIML joined John Trigg, Director and Founder of
phaseFour-informatics, to discuss the biggest challenges and drivers in
laboratory integration at the Pharma IQ's Laboratory Data Information
Management event.

In this interesting podcast, John Trigg investigates the standards issue
that has been in the background for a number of years as well as previous
initiatives which tried to address data interchange, particularly around
analytical instrumentation.

He discusses several methods: the recent JCAMP-DX initiative from IUPAC,
the ANDI project which started with AIA and was taken over to ASTM as well as
Pistoia Alliance.

John and Burkhard discuss also political issues and driving forces for
getting standards accepted and adopted. The interview finishes with a quick
overview of the differences that AnIML brings in terms of being relative to
those previous initiatives, and the scope of them.

You can download the full interview from

This podcast interview was conducted in relation to Pharma IQ's
Laboratory Information and Data Management Event , taking place 23 - 25 May
in Amsterdam.

Mr Trigg and Mr Schaefer will be speaking at this event. Mr Trigg will be
giving a presentation on Overcoming the Most Common Challenges Facing Lab
Data and Information Integration. He will explain how replacing paper with
electronic systems can be the catalyst for demanding seamless data
interchange between laboratory and other business systems and how business
and scientific demands are driving requirements for integration. He will also
outline the technical barriers and constraints that challenge a way forward
and raise questions about the available resources, knowledge and skills
required to progress.

Burkhard Schaefer will lead the session Driving Down Data Management
Costs with the AnIML Data Standard. He will explain how a standard helps with
long-term archiving, data interchange, reducing vendor lock-in,
feature-driven instrument purchasing, and instrument integration.

Other key sessions include:

- Accelerating Time to Market: Rapid Process Transfer from R&D
to Development Manufacturing by Astra Zeneca

- Novel Approaches for Image Informatics Utilizing Optimal
Strategies for Image Collection, Storage, Management and Analysis by
GlaxoSmithKline Clinical Imaging Centre

- Turning Challenges into Successes with an Isentris Based
Integration of Chemistry and Biological Data by LEO Pharma

- Turning complex manufacturing process data into knowledge:
Boosting efficiency using state-of-the-art integration technologies by
Merck Serono

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