eBuilder's Gateway to the EU's Common eProcurement Solution First to go Live and Deliver to Other EU Countries

By Ebuilder, PRNE
Thursday, April 7, 2011

STOCKHOLM, April 8, 2011 - eBuilder was chosen in 2010 by the Swedish National Financial Management
Authority (SNFMA) to provide a "gateway" for the European Union project,
Pan-European Public Procurement Online (PEPPOL).

"eBuilder's Procurement solution delivered as a cloud service has
attracted attention worldwide, and now we are building a European network of
co-operating partners," says Lars Ringsby, senior vice president of Business
Development for eBuilder. "Our solution can be used not only by countries
that are PEPPOL participants, but worldwide as well."

"Reaching these milestones makes eBuilder the leader regarding gateway
development," says Lars Ringsby,. "And our gateway can even be made available
for use by other countries that lack the resources to develop their own

This is PEPPOL - a European eProcurement project

PEPPOL will set up a pilot solution that facilitates public eProcurement.

Companies in the EU and Norway, including SMEs (small and medium-sized
enterprises), can communicate electronically with EU governmental
institutions for all procurement processes.

Governments are the largest buyers in the EU, but lag behind major
industries in electronic data exchange with suppliers - government purchases
account for around 16% of the EU's GDP, (EUR1,500 billion). Governments want
to handle key processes with their suppliers such as tenders, orders,
delivery notes, catalogs, invoices, and payments electronically.

Since that time, the eBuilder-provided gateway has accomplished a number
of "firsts" within EU eProcurement: 1) it is the first of its kind in Europe;
2) it is the first gateway to go live and be accessible to PEPPOL
participants; 3) and the first e-invoice has been successfully transmitted
through PEPPOL's infrastructure via the gateway.


eBuilder's growing influence within eProcurement goes beyond its
contribution to the PEPPOL project.

About eBuilder

eBuilder is the leading global supplier of Cloud Processes that enable
companies and organizations to automate, control, and manage their value
networks for Travel and Expense Management, Procurement, Order Fulfillment
(supply chain), After Sales (supply chain), and Financial Transactions.
eBuilder is unique in its ability to deliver multiple standard processes on
the same platform and to customize both processes and integrations. Today
eBuilder has customers in over 60 countries. Corporate headquarters is in
Stockholm, Sweden with regional offices in Australia and Sri Lanka. We have
over 500,000 end users.


For more information: Lars Ringsby, eBuilder, lars.ringsby at eBuilder.com, +46-70-577-22-40

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