APTARE Tames Unstructured Data Growth With StorageConsole File Analytics

By Aptare, PRNE
Monday, December 5, 2011

CAMPBELL, California, December 6, 2011 -

Advanced storage system profiling enables IT to minimize the risk and costs associated with exponential and unconstrained growth of files

Enterprise storage resource management leader APTARE®, Inc. today announced the introduction of a new product, APTARE StorageConsole File Analytics, offering a paradigm shift in how unstructured data is discovered, captured, profiled, and analyzed.

In today’s digital world, the explosion of unstructured data has become an enormous problem for corporations managing their information needs.  APTARE StorageConsole File Analytics solves the problem with a scalable solution that uses high velocity, agent-less data collectors optimized to ensure minimal impact on the underlying infrastructure while profiling a global storage environment. File Analytics uses a patented, purpose-built database to store metadata on billions of files and then the metadata is analyzed for insight into file usage, categorization and trending to help IT take control and manage the growth of unstructured data.

“According to IDC, unstructured data accounts for 90% of enterprise data and its growth is accelerating. Managing unstructured data is critical to reducing storage and compliance costs and minimizing corporate risk. This task has been painfully difficult due to the time, resources, and overhead required to collect the immense volume of metadata and digest into actionable business intelligence,” said Rick Clark, President and CEO of APTARE. “With File Analytics, our customers can quickly and easily glean analytics and trending across their global unstructured data footprint. This type of near real-time instrumentation has never before been available in a low-cost footprint and fully integrated with data management technologies deployed within the enterprise.”

“File Analytics’ ability to provide detailed profiling of unstructured data helps to ensure APTARE customers can amass meaningful and actionable information across NAS volumes and file-servers,” said Eric Sheppard, Research Director at IDC. “This information can be used for policy enforcement, risk mitigation, storage tiering and reclamation, which positions APTARE to play an important role in helping organizations better understand, manage and optimize their storage environments.”

Enterprise IT organizations are using File Analytics to assist with policy enforcement and risk mitigation by automating the process of identifying and removing redundant and inappropriate files. IT departments are optimizing their storage efficiencies by using File Analytics to help identify and move infrequently accessed files to a more economical storage tier. Additionally, File Analytics now makes it possible to quickly identify an organization’s global digital assets during first pass e-discovery. 

For more information on APTARE StorageConsole File Analytics, please visit www.aptare.com/products_analytics.php.


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