"Feature Phones Accounted for Over 70% of Global Handset Sales in 2011" Reports Visiongain

By Visiongain, PRNE
Friday, December 16, 2011

LONDON, December 17, 2011 -


Visiongain’s latest research Low Cost Handsets, Feature Phones and Entry Level Smartphone Report 2011-2016 shows that feature phones will continue to dominate the telecoms market. While the mature market is consumed with high end Smartphones, Tablets and App stores the issue of oversaturation is still without a solution. For emerging economies penetration rates are low and for operators and OEMs these areas represent vast untapped potential revenue streams, but how best to capitalize? The feature phone will remain a crucial device in manufacturer’s portfolios over the next five years as emerging economies come to fruition. Low cost and ultra low cost segments mean that no-one need be without a handset.

Many emerging economies suffer from underdeveloped infrastructure and in regions without widespread access to 3G Smartphone adoption is consequently low. Other factors that have added to the slow uptake of these devices centre on price and the unwillingness of key players from mature markets such as Apple and RIM to market and push their devices in this area. As a result the competitive landscape is ripe for new entrants, new devices and a potential monopoly for anyone providing a winning strategy.

This report offers forecasts of declining ASP’s for each device type. In depth regional information regarding operators, current subscriber data and detailed penetration rates is provided to ensure a through knowledge needed for segmentation. Further to this bill of material costs and average selling prices are cross referenced to outline the issue with margins when devising low and ultra low cost strategies. Key ecosystem players and up to date offerings are compared, contrasted and analysed to reveal winning strategies. Visiongain’s research has located gaps in the market where new entrants can step in to capitalise, gain market share and ultimately widen revenue streams.  

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Executive Summary 
E1 Feature Phone Sales Will Continue to Rise
E2 Key Markets in Emerging Economies
E3 Slow Uptake for Smartphones 
E4 Insufficient Infrastructure - Skipping the PC Revolution 
E5. Points Emerged from this Research

1. Introduction
1.1 Defining Low Cost Handsets
1.2 Defining Ultra Low Cost Handsets
1.3 Defining Emerging Markets 
1.4 Defining the Entry level Smartphone
1.4.1 Lack of 3G Infrastructure Leading to Slow Smartphone Adoption Rates 
1.4.2 Impact of ITU Regulations on Broadband Access
1.4.3 Impact of Mobile Broadband on BRIC Nations
1.5 Importance of Low Cost Mobile Internet 
1.6 Global Penetration of Feature Phones
1.7 Aim of the Report
1.8 Questions Answered by the Report
1.9 Structure of the Report
1.10 Methodology

2. Key Ecosystem Players - Offerings and Strategies
2.1 The Entry Level Handset Space
2.2 Operators
2.2.1 Vodafone Vodafone Partnership Strategies Vodafone Own Brand Handsets Analysis of Vodafone Own Brand Handset Features Pre-Pay Balance Indicator M-PESA Regional Adoption of M-PESA Analysis of Vodafone’s use of M-PESA Vodafone Using Opera Mini to Combat Data Restrictions and Network Capacity Issues Summary Analysis of Vodafone’s Own Brand Handset Offering
2.3 OEMs
2.3.1 Nokia Offerings and Strategies Is Nokia’s Market Share in Terminal Decline? Nokia Handset Offerings Nokia Life Tools (NLT) Analysis of Nokia Life Tools Nokia Money Nokia Money - Benefits and Analysis Nokia to Create New Feature Phone Operating System? Nokia’s Entry Level Smartphone Offering Analysis of Nokia’s Entry Level Smartphone Offerings
2.3.2 Huawei Huawei’s Strategy Analysis of Huawei’s Reverse Innovation Strategy Huawei’s Android Based Handset Offerings Huawei Optimus / U8180 Cloud Based Feature Phones for Indian Market 3G Feature Phones Huawei’s 3G Feature Phone Strategy 
2.3.3 ZTE Offerings and Strategies Analysis of ZTE’s Shifting Strategy
2.3.4 Micromax Offerings and Strategies Micromax Rural Subscriber Strategy Micromax Segmentation Strategies Analysis of Micromax Strategies
2.3.5 Gentag to Offer Low Cost NFC/RFID Handset Analysis of NFC Handsets in Emerging Markets
2.3.6 Motorola Offerings and Strategies Motorola Feature Phone Offerings Targeting the Emerging Economies with Feature Phones Google Acquisition and Potential Transformation of Strategies Motorola’s Entry level Smartphone Offering Analysis of Motorola’s Offerings
2.3.7 MediaTek Strategy and Offerings MediaTek Leveraging Facebook for Emerging Economies Market Share Will Facebook Capable Feature Phones be a Game Changer? Single Chip Solutions to Further Strengthen MediaTek’s Position Analysis of MediaTek’s Offerings
2.4 Comparative Summary Analysis of All Key Offerings

3. Regional Markets and Operator Involvement Analysis
3.1 BRIC Nations
3.1.1Brazil Latin America to Reap Revenues from Mobile Finance Services
3.1.2 Russia
3.1.3 India Indian Operators to Partner for 3G Roaming Current Handset Vendor Market Share India
3.1.4 China How Operators Tackle Saturated Markets Smartphone Sales: China vs. United States Further Opportunities in Asia Pacific Thailand
3.2 Opportunities in the European Market 
3.3 Opportunities in the African Market
3.3.1 France Telecom Orange 
3.3.2 Analysis of France Telecom Orange’s Involvement in African Markets

4. Current Emerging Market Trends and Future Evolution
4.1 Effect of Emerging Market Internet Opportunities on Entry Level Smartphone Sales
4.2 Future Handset Requirements and OEM Strategies
4.3 Customer Segmentation Strategies and End User Perspective
4.4 Leveraging Cloud Services for Emerging Economies
4.4.1 Cloud Services in Madagascar Movirtu Cloud Phone
4.4.2 Cloud for Emerging Economy Enterprises Analysis of Cloud Services Potential Impact on Emerging Economy Enterprises
4.5 Bill of Materials vs. Average Selling Price - How to Maximise Margins
4.5.1 Single Chip Solutions
4.5.2 External Component Costs
4.5.3 Shrinking Designs and Lowering Geometries 
4.5.4 Wholesale ARP and Declining BOM
4.5.5 Analysis of Maximising Margins Strategies
4.5.6 Potential Costs Incurred - Long Term Strategies

5. Forecasts
5.1 Global Low Cost Handset Shipments 2011-2016
5.2 Global Ultra Low Cost Handset Shipments 2011-2016
5.3 Global Entry Level Smartphone Shipments 2011-2016
5.4 Declining Cost of Low Cost Handsets 2011-2016 
5.5 Declining Cost of Ultra Low Cost Handsets 2011-2016 
5.6 Declining Cost of Entry Level Smartphones 2011-2016 
5.7 Declining Costs Summary
5.8 Regional Sales of Smartphones and Feature Phones
5.8.1Smartphone vs. Feature phone sales in Asia Pacific - 2011-2016
5.8.2 Smartphone vs. Feature phone sales in Europe - 2011-2016
5.8.3 Smartphone vs. Feature phone sales in Africa and Middle East - 2011-2016
5.8.4 Smartphone vs. Feature phone sales in North America - 2011-2016
5.8.5 Smartphone vs. Feature phone sales in Latin America - 2011-2016
5.9 Top Global Handset Manufacturers by Market Share (2011-2016)

6. Recommendations and Conclusion
6.1 Customer-Centric Approach
6.2 Regional Segmentation Strategies
6.3 Partnerships with Local Players
6.4 Build Infrastructure
6.5 Conclusion

Companies Listed
Aditya Birla Group
AIS (Advanced Info Service) 
Alcatel Lucent
Alfa Group 
America Movil 
Apollo Hospital 
Axiata Group Berhad 
Bharti Airtel
Bharti Enterprises
China Mobile
China Telecom
China Unicom
Dynamix Balwas Group
Essar Group 
HFCL Infotel 
Huawei Technologies
Idea Cellular
International Telecommunication Union
IPOC International Growth Fund
LG Electronics
Loop Mobile India
Maxis Communications 
MTS India
New Telephone Company
NII Holdings
Ping Mobile
PT Telecom 
Research In Motion 
S Tel
Santa Trading Pvt 
Shyam Group 
Singapore Telecommunications 
Siva Group 
Sotovaja Svjaz MOTIV
Tata Group
Tata Teleservices
Tele2 AB
Telecom Italia 
True Move
Unitech Group 
Vodafone Essar

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