Leading Cord Blood Experts Clarify Their Support of CORD:USE Family Cord Blood Bank

By Corduse Cord Blood Bank, PRNE
Wednesday, June 16, 2010

ORLANDO, Florida, June 17, 2010 - CORD:USE Cord Blood Bank, a public cord blood banking facility, and its
Team of cord blood pioneers and leaders announced last month their plans to
open a family cord blood bank to offer its high quality services to new
parents who elect to privately bank their baby's cord blood. The Team of
experts in cord blood biology, banking and transplantation includes Drs. Hal
, Joanne Kurtzberg, John Wagner, Eliane Gluckman and Alan Levine.

In response to the announcement last month, other cord blood banks have
referred to our Leadership Team's support of family banking. As a result,
CORD:USE's Team of experts would like to clarify their specific support of
CORD:USE's family banking program, and to make it clear that their support of
family cord blood banking is not a universal endorsement of all family
banking enterprises or of unproven therapeutic uses of autologous cord blood
cells. These experts have reviewed and/or helped develop the banking,
educational and marketing practices at CORD:USE. They strongly believe that:
CORD:USE utilizes the highest quality technologies and banking practices; is
a leading and experienced public bank, helping to build, with other banks,
the National Cord Blood Inventory in the U.S., and is completely committed to
providing expectant parents with medically and scientifically accurate
information about present clinically proven and experimental cord blood uses,
so that they can choose the option that is right for them.

"We are very honored to have many of the world's leaders in this field on
our team and supporting our public and family cord blood banks," said Edward
S. Guindi M.D
., President and CEO of CORD:USE.

Michael Ernst, Executive Vice President and CFO, CORD:USE Cord Blood Bank, +1-407-667-3000, mernst at corduse.com

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