At the Top of the Winner Podium: Christoph Strasser Won the RAAM 2011!

By Lyoness Management Gmbh, PRNE
Sunday, June 26, 2011

GRAZ, Austria, June 27, 2011 -


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Christoph Strasser, the Ultrabike World Champion 2007 and 2010,
rode the hardest race in the world - and he won the Race Across
America with full power!

In 2009, he had already tried his luck with the RAAM, but had to
cancel due to serious illness. Pneumonia forced him to give up. The
breakthrough came in 2011!

The performance and the emotional highs and lows of the extreme
athlete were reported non-stop during the entire race. Christoph
continually extended his lead. He was the first to pass
the halfway point at 2,405 km and climbed the 3,300 meter-high Wolf
Creek Pass
in record time. Despite the heat, wind and cold during
the route from the west to the east coast of the United States, he
was on the bike for up to 23 hours a day.

Christoph Strasser had no problems with fatigue; his only
problem was sitting on the bike because after thousands of
kilometers, even the best saddle is no longer comfortable. On his
long journey, the numerous guest book entries from fans and his
Team were read out over loudspeakers to the extreme athlete during
the night. For that distance, a lot of motivation was required -
but, mile after mile, the most motivation came from Christoph

Naturally, the Child & Family Foundation warmly congratulate
him on this victory! Christoph Strasser was also the ambassador of
the Foundation in this race and gave his consent in advance to
auction his winning bike and jersey from the RAAM 2011 for the
benefit of the charity. The proceeds go directly to the Child &
Family Foundation and its global social projects.

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