Be Informed's Business Process Platform has a 'Remarkable Track Record of Success'

By Be Informed, PRNE
Tuesday, April 26, 2011

According to Recent Forrester Vendor Snapshot Taken 19 April 2011

APELDOORN, The Netherlands, April 27, 2011 - Leading international research firm Forrester has published a report that
features independent software vendor Be Informed's 'remarkable track record
of success' and its acclaimed process to service customers or citizens.

Forrester's new report confirms the innovative character of the Be
Informed business process platform. Forrester analyst Derek Miers states:
'Netherlands-based Be Informed has developed something truly new in the
business process management suites (BPMS) marketplace.' Be Informed's dynamic
case handling (DCM) offers an approach that allows organisations to optimise
the deployment of their less structured, knowledge-intensive environments.

Underlining success

Two quotes from the report:

* 'Rather than exhaustively developing a different approach for each use
case, the Be Informed approach embeds business rules within the semantics of
the domain. Applications - and the processes that surround them - become an
order of magnitude easier to build and deploy than even well-established BPM

* 'Be Informed's approach results in simple and generic processes that
are very efficient in straight through processing (STP). The implications of
Be Informed's approach for time-to-value and ROI are dramatic.'

The increasing amount of customer success stories together with this
Forrester report underpins the success of the Be Informed business process

"Having worked as an analyst myself for many years, I understand the
value of a Forrester Vendor Snapshot on Be Informed", says Frank Buytendijk,
chief marketing officer at Be Informed. "Forrester is a leading international
research firm and this acknowledgement of the Be Informed approach will boost
the market attention for Be Informed."

About Forrester

Forrester Research, Inc. (Nasdaq: FORR) is an independent research
company that provides pragmatic and forward-thinking advice to global leaders
in business and technology. Forrester works with professionals in 19 key
roles at major companies providing proprietary research, customer insight,
consulting, events, and peer-to-peer executive programs. For more than 27
years, Forrester has been making IT, marketing, and technology industry
leaders successful every day.

About Be Informed

Be Informed is an internationally operating, independent software vendor.
The Be Informed business process platform supports administrative processes,
that are becoming increasingly knowledge-intensive. Because of the unique
approach, organisations using Be Informed software often report cost savings
of tens of percents, dramatically improved productivity because of a much
higher straight-through processing rate and a time to change reduced from
months to days.

For more information on Be Informed, contact Cecilia van der Velde,

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