Be Informed Trains 250th Consultant and is Looking for More Expertise in the Market

By Be Informed, PRNE
Wednesday, April 20, 2011

APELDOORN, The Netherlands, April 21, 2011 - Software vendor Be Informed continues to grow. Especially in financial
services and public sector the Be Informed business process platform is being
used extensively. Because of the product's unique approach, customers achieve
significantly better results in terms of time to change and cost savings.
Analyst firm Forrester even calls these results orders of magnitude better
than with traditional business process management tools.

A different, strictly rules-based, technology approach needs to be
accompanied by a specific implementation method as well, based on modeling
principles such as Demo, Cogniam, Pronto and TOC. Because of the enormous
growth of Be Informed, there is an urgent need for more consultants and
architects with these specific skills. Be Informed has trained 250
consultants already.

Be Informed (

Rik Hoogenberg, CEO of Be Informed says: "A healthy growth in the market
should come with a solid knowledge foundation of the Be Informed business
process platform. This is why we work with partners almost everywhere, in
order to man the many projects. We have an enormous appreciation for the
initiatives of our partners to invest in Be Informed and associated
principles. These investments also show that our partners see the benefits of
Be Informed for their customers."

Atos Origin (

Atos Origin has a broad portfolio of investments in the area of Business
Process Management (BPM) and rules-based approaches, for instance through her
own Master Class and the lively 'Business Rules Community' of over 250
professionals in the Netherlands.

Peter Bas Oosthoek, competence manager at Atos Origin states:
"Enterprises are ready for a next step in optimizing their business
processes. Solutions that combine BPM and a rules-based approach offer
possibilities to make major improvements in both sustainable cost reduction
and adaptability of their processes, particularly in public sector and
financial services. For this Be Informed offers an innovative solution and

BearingPoint (

BearingPoint Caribbean is the leading provider of management consulting
and IT services in the Dutch Caribbean for over 25 years, and we are
primarily active in the public sector.

Peter Grootens, senior vice president at BearingPoint Caribbean says: "As
a result of the restructuring of the Netherlands Antilles, many complex
governmental IT systems need to be converted or replaced by new systems. We
chose to develop the new advanced IT systems for our clients with Be Informed
technology because of its faster deployment, dramatically improved
productivity and the cost efficiency of this technology. Thanks to this
technology and our intensive partnership with Be Informed we have been able
to reach our goals successfully to great contentment of our clients."

Caesar Groep (

Hans van der Kooij, CEO of Caesar Group, says: "Be Informed's outstanding
software helps us achieve our goals: superior customer satisfaction and
business performance improvement for our customers. Our expertise in the
areas of TOC (Goldratt's theory of constraints), GUI (graphical user
interfaces) and SOA (service oriented architecture) strengthen this
proposition. The collaboration with Be Informed is very pleasant. As
medium-sized organizations, we speak each other's language and we both
understand that transparency and customer value are essential."

Capgemini (

Roger Wannee, cluster manager BPM & Architecture at Capgemini says:
"Capgemini implements BPM within various organizations. Our end-to-end BPM
approach treats processes as assets that directly contribute to our client's
enterprise value and performance. We combine deep domain knowledge with
process improvement expertise, change skills and specialized IT capabilities
on leading BPM technology to improve our client's business impact."

"Capgemini partners with both global and local partners, providing state
of the art BPM Solutions. In The Netherlands Be Informed is one of the most
prominent partners, with almost 40 Capgemini professionals trained in Be

O&i (

O&i helps, driven by the business, organizations to respond better and
quicker to changing circumstances. Adequate IT support is indispensable.

Coos van der Togt, partner at O&i says: "One of the best solutions in the
market, to combine business process Management and Business Rule Management
is the Dutch product Be Informed. We are very pleased to have trained our
architects and consultants in the specific skills of the Be Informed business
process platform."

Ordina (

Onno Franken, managing partner at Ordina, clearly sees that it is
possible to create more compact, efficient and fast-moving organizations,
based on the new generation 'model and business rule-driven software suites'.
Be Informed is an important strategic partner for Ordina, with an extensive
track record including Kadaster, IND, VROM, VWS and others. With 40
experienced consultants and over 5 years of experience with these solutions
and with methodologies such as CogNIAM, DEMO, CBML/InfoSpectives and
Ampersand, Ordina leads the way. Ordina will accelerate the expansion of its
expertise center with dozens of experienced experts in order to do projects
with innovative software suites like Be Informed.

Sogeti (

Sogeti specialises in the design, realisation, implementation and
administration of ICT solutions. Diederik Vieleers, managing director Demand
and Architecture Services, states that the importance of processes is
growing. Moreover, the demand for business analysts has increased
dramatically in recent years: "Through Sogeti's modelling approach, Pronto,
Sogeti and Be Informed have found each other. Both companies embrace
craftsmanship and are result-driven. With its passionate devotion to ICT
expertise, embodied by over 200 business analysts alone, Sogeti makes a
significant contribution to the results of its clients. Sogeti strives for
tight and long-term relationships with its clients."

About Be Informed (

Be Informed in an internationally operating, independent software vendor.
The Be Informed business process platform supports administrative processes,
that are becoming increasingly knowledge-intensive. Because of the unique
approach of the software, organizations using Be Informed software often
report cost savings of tens of percents, dramatically improved productivity
because of a much higher straight-through processing rate and a time to
change reduced from months to days.

For more information on Be Informed, contact Cecilia van der Velde,

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