Broadband Mad Brits Happy to Pay More for a Superfast Service

Monday, June 20, 2011

CAMBRIDGE, England, June 21, 2011 -


Despite the recession the majority of us would be willing to pay
more for faster broadband speeds, according to href="">
The problem is many of those that want faster speeds simply can’t
get them.

In our latest poll, 30 per cent of Broadband Genie visitors said
they were ‘definitely’ willing to pay more for faster broadband. A
further 10 per cent would be willing to pay a little extra (up to
£10), while another 20 per cent were undecided. Less than 40 per
cent ruled it out.

Broadband Genie editor Chris Marling commented: “The people that
really want superfast fibre broadband are the millions who live in
less profitable areas ignored by BT and Virgin Media alike.
Businesses and households in these areas need a good broadband
service and, more importantly, are willing to pay for it. A short
term hit to their profits would lead to a lot of long-term happy

“Those lucky enough to live in big towns and cities, the
broadband ‘haves’, already enjoy ‘up to’ 24Mb (or more if they have
cable) for the price the rest of us pay for a far inferior service.
Most current broadband speed problems are solved at ‘up to’ 20Mb or
more - it’s the rest of us still suffering on ‘up to’ 8Mb exchanges
that are crying out for better broadband. These figures show a
great desire to bring these services out of the dark ages and
across the digital divide.”

Analyst Point Topic recently suggested there will be a low take
up of superfast broadband, while BT has faced problems with the
rollout of its fibre-optic technology. But our survey of more than
1,000 site visitors shows a strong desire for speedier broadband
among the British public.

The Broadband Genie survey asked more than 1,000 visitors: ‘Are you currently willing to pay
more for faster broadband?’ Definitely 30%; Up to £10 more 10%;
maybe 16%; no, but in future 7%; no 37%.

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