Calvin Ayre Releases Statement Concerning Site Sale

Thursday, March 31, 2011

LONDON, April 1, 2011 - Yesterday it was announced that Calvin Ayre had sold his popular iGaming
news site, to a group of public gaming executives led by
Scott Longley. Calvin Ayre released his first official comment on the sale:
"April Fools".

The "sale" of Ayre's eponymous website was another in a long line of
April Fools pranks the Bodog Brand founder Ayre has played on the gaming

Some of the highlights include the Hail Mary Sportsbook where the owner
D. Sanchez still to this day is happy to offer new customers up to 2% bonus
on their first deposit. There was the time when Calvin Ayre lost to
billionaire Richard Branson in a game of poker and when he announced plans
for the first casino in space.

Those were child's play compared to two of the most notorious Ayre
Pranks, during the Bodog Entertainment era Ayre announced he would be
offering a chance for one lucky child to become his heir, in the Calvin's
Heir reality TV series. Last year, doctored pornographic pictures of Ayre
were "leaked" on to the internet, the volume of people looking to catch a
glimpse of the man in action resulted in one of the largest single day spikes
in traffic in's brief history.

With this year's prank on the iGaming industry, the sale of to Gambling Data's Scott Longley, changing the editorial
direction from Drinkin', Gamblin' and Carryin' On to "serious online gaming
news for serious people working in the business of online gaming", Ayre wants
to remind the industry that we are in the entertainment business. Don't take
yourselves too seriously and remember to enjoy yourselves while working in
the world's greatest industry. will continue to provide the latest breaking gaming news,
complete gaming conference coverage and entertaining lifestyle articles.’s International Press Office: +44-7825-064776’s International Press Office: +44-7825-064776

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