AtomiZ Announces WIZDROP - Drop Your Multimedia Content to Your Contacts

By Atomiz, PRNE
Wednesday, March 30, 2011

PARIS, March 31, 2011 - WIZDROP, the new media sending platform, publicly announced its public
beta launch allowing users to easily send any types of media to mobile phones
and e-mails. WIZDROP is targeted to work across mobile and PC devices
regardless of carrier, device type and location. It is the most reliable and
user-friendly way to send any types of media to your contacts. (Mobile and

WIZDROP provides a free, funny, fast service in which to send media
contents. The service allows consumers to send photos, audios or videos to
one or many recipients. Interoperability issues and a lack of standards among
carriers and devices have limited the ability of users to send mobile photos,
audios and videos to their friends. So at launch, WIZDROP sets (is setting
up) up a goal to develop an evolutional platform to help users to drop
(dropping) multimedia contents to their friends from all over the world in a
simple way forever.

Unlike other solutions that do an unconditional push to the recipients
whether they like it or not, WIZDROP innovates by notifying them and letting
them choose at their convenience if and when they want to see it.

"We created the WIZDROP service and it rocks! WIZDROP allows people from
all over the world to do something that has been very difficult and bulky in
the past- to send and connect any type of media from one mobile phone to
other mobile phones regardless of the location and device type. WIZDROP is
your exclusive lounge! Your friends will receive worldwide a notification for
your content in a one to one relation," said David Valcke, CEO of AtomiZ.

A new marketing tool for mobile, multimedia, and location-based direct

WIZDROP's delivery of multimedia can give companies a new opportunity to
directly communicate with their target clients.

About, AtomiZ, SA.

We believe that video is the next big usage on mobile. That's why we
decide to develop WIZDROP to give people a powerful total solution of mobile
media. The company is privately held. For more information, please visit Follow WIZDROP at or
become a fan at

For additional information or a copy of the press release, please
contact: AtomiZ, 140 B, rue de Rennes, Paris, France. +33144501250

For additional information or a copy of the press release, please
contact: AtomiZ, 140 B, rue de Rennes, Paris, France. +33144501250
press at

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