Carillion Energy Services Survey Indicates 26% of UK Households Don’t Have Their Boilers Serviced Regularly Enough

By Carillion Energy Services, PRNE
Wednesday, June 15, 2011

NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, England, June 16, 2011 -

Carillion Energy
Services has carried out a survey which suggests that 26% of
households in the UK haven’t had their boiler serviced in the last
12 months.

The on-going survey, which has been carried out on Facebook,
covers a wide range of ways to save money on central heating bills.
As well as asking some straightforward questions about your
central heating system, the application also calculates how
much money you could save by making some simple changes to it.

“To keep a boiler operating at maximum efficiency you really
need to have it serviced once a year,” says Vince Barry, Marketing
Manager for Carillion Energy Services Heating. “Most
manufacturers recommend this, and in fact, it’s a requirement for
most warranties.”

“The danger is that with everyone’s personal budget so stretched
at the moment people will delay, or even avoid, having their href="">boiler
serviced at all, and it really isn’t a good idea.”

 ”At 26%, this means that over a quarter of household
boilers could be operating  inefficiently,” Vince continues,
“a boiler which hasn’t been serviced is less efficient, more likely
to break down, and of course, less safe.”

The Carbon Trust estimates that a poorly maintained boiler can
use 10% more energy per year than a well-maintained one. For an
average annual gas bill of around £608, this amounts to over £60
per year.

Since there are around 26 million households in Great Britain
(source: Office of National Statistics) this means that potentially
there are approximately 6.7 million households running their
boilers inefficiently - wasting over around £400 million pounds,
every year.

If you want to take part in the survey, it can be found on href=""> You can calculate the amount you
could save on your central heating bill by answering a few simple

Carillion Energy Services install around 30,000 central heating
and boiler systems a year making them the 2nd largest heating
installer in the UK - href="">

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