Chimpanzees Leave Almere for New AAP-Home in Spain

By Prne, Gaea News Network
Monday, October 26, 2009

ALMERE, The Netherlands and VILLENA, Spain - Ten chimpanzees in the care of the Dutch foundation AAP, are to be moved to Spain on November 2 2009.

The chimps, belonging to ‘Donkey’s group’, have lived at AAP’s rescue centre in Almere, the Netherlands, for several years. Now however, they can look forward to a new home in Primadomus, our new rescue centre near the city of Villena in Spain. Primadomus will serve as a lifetime care centre for abused primates that are taken in by AAP and cannot be outplaced in renowned zoos or animal parks. In time, more animals will follow Donkey’s group and enjoy the peace and space that this beautiful centre has to offer.

The ten chimps that make up Donkey’s group will be the first to call Primadomus their home. Donkey, Bob, Achille, Patrick, Anna, Babsie, Peggy, Wilma, Prudence and Sita all share a troubled past. Donkey for instance spent years on a Portuguese car graveyard, tied to a short chain, while Prudence was kept in a dark cellar in Belgium, living in her own dirt.

Primadomus is situated a couple of miles south of Villena. Its location is perfectly suited to the needs of primates. The majority of the terrain will remain intact and serve as an official nature reserve. With the opening of Primadomus, AAP aims to increase its support to government institutions throughout Europe in enforcing laws on animal welfare. Eventually, Primadomus will offer permanent housing to approximately 150 animals from around Europe.


The past months have been spent preparing the transportation of Donkey’ group. The animals have met their future Spanish caretaker, and the in- and outdoor enclosures have been finished and enriched. Veterinaries and behavioural experts are now preparing the chimpanzees for their departure.


AAP will officially say goodbye to Donkey’s group on Thursday October 29. On Monday November 2, the chimps will be placed into their individual transport boxes. A specially equipped truck will set off with the chimpanzees for Primadomus around 6 PM and is to arrive on Wednesday morning. Soon after, the chimps will enter their new indoor enclosures and after a few hours to several days, they will also start exploring their outdoor enclosures. ere-for-new-AAP-home-in-Spain/n/6185

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Note to Editors:

The official opening of Primadomus will take place on November 24, with professor dr. Jane Goodall as one of our special guests.

Source: AAP Foundation

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