CPA Global’s Inprotech IP Practice Management Software Offers Law Firms Ultimate Flexibility With Full Web Access

By Cpa Global, PRNE
Monday, July 11, 2011

ST HELIER, Jersey, July 12, 2011 -


- Latest Release Designed to Help
Law Firms Increase Efficiency While Enhancing Ability
Manage Clients’ IP Portfolios

CPA Global, the world’s leading intellectual property (IP)
management specialist and IP software solutions provider, announced
today the availability of Inprotech 7.0, offering law firms
ultimate flexibility in managing their clients’ IP portfolios, as
well as their own IP practice.

This major new release is the latest in a series of product
innovations to come from CPA Global’s ongoing investment in its
market-leading software solutions. Inprotech 7.0 provides a host of
improvements, making it an important tool both for practice
management and decision-support. It is designed to help law firms
access better quality information more quickly, thus increasing
efficiency and saving valuable time; while offering even greater
flexibility through full web access. A key new feature is Prior Art
functionality, which enables law firms to provide the comprehensive
Information Disclosure reporting (IDS) now being requested by many
national IP offices.

Inprotech IP practice management software is already installed
in over 130 law firms across four continents. Release 7.0 has been
developed using Microsoft Silverlight web application technology,
which allows users to navigate and manipulate data more efficiently
and makes sorting, grouping and drilling down into details of cases
easier than ever before. Inprotech 7.0 is also fully integrated
with the Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services tool to ensure
greater flexibility in reporting to clients.

Other significant enhancements in Inprotech 7.0 include:

  • A sophisticated case data import and export solution, ideally
    suited to transferring case details between firms and agents;
  • ‘Keep on Top Notes’ that can be used as a constant reminder of
    important details about clients or procedural matters;
  • Data validation rules, which can be tailored to suit each firm,
    preventing errors and misunderstanding;
  • Improved and expanded Document Management System
  • New file tracking in the web version of Inprotech 7.0, which
    allows paper files to be tracked, requested and monitored; and a
    more flexible billing system which provides more options for
    margins and discounts.

Mark Wylde, CPA Global’s Technology Services Director, said:
“Inprotech 7.0 represents one of the most significant and
innovative advances in IP management software technology anywhere
in the market today, and underlines CPA Global’s ongoing commitment
to work with our software clients to continue to improve the
solutions we provide.

“This latest release is designed to empower users by automating
more tasks; by offering simplified access via the web and a
configurable user interface; and by making real-time data more
readily available. Users have the ultimate flexibility to manage
their clients’ IP portfolios and practice administration remotely,
whether from home, other offices or even while travelling. This,
together with the more comprehensive information on cases and
greater flexibility in reporting that is available through
Inprotech 7.0, enables users to respond on a timelier basis to
requests and add further value to the service they provide to their
clients. Client service is further enhanced by allowing clients to
instruct online and by making reports and case information
available online to clients.”

The development of Inprotech 7.0 emphasises the importance of
CPA Global’s ongoing dialogue with clients through its advisory
council meetings and annual software user conferences. CPA Global
has separate Software Advisory Councils (SACs) for each of its
three market-leading software solutions: FoundationIP, Memotech and

About Inprotech

CPA Global’s Inprotech is a suite of IP management software,
specifically designed for IP attorney firms. Considered the most
advanced, secure and versatile IP solution available on the market,
Inprotech assists in the day-to-day management of every aspect of
the IP administration, from renewals to client reporting and
billing. The software’s modular approach means even the smallest
firm can take advantage of the system and have the option to grow
into full functionality when required.

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About CPA Global

CPA Global is the world’s top intellectual property (IP)
management specialist and a leading provider of href="">legal
services outsourcing (LSO). With offices across Europe, the
United States
, Asia and the Pacific, CPA Global supports many of
the world’s best known corporations and law firms with a diverse
set of legal and IP specific requirements.

CPA Global helps its clients manage their valuable IP Rights,
such as patents, designs and href="">trademarks, ensuring
that IP portfolios are protected, maintained and regularly reviewed
in order to maximise value. The company is also a leading player in
the fast growing LSO sector, providing a range of outsourced legal
services through delivery centres in the US and India. Services
include href="">
document review, transaction support, contract solutions, and
legal research.

Founded in Jersey, Channel Islands in 1969, CPA Global today
employs more than 1,500 people, serving clients’ needs in over 100
countries. The company has a large and diverse list of clients:
from major global corporations to small and medium-sized
enterprises and innovation start-ups; and from the top
international law firms to national and regional law and IP firms.
Clients include leading Fortune 500 and FTSE companies, and
two-thirds of the Global Lawyer 100.

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