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By Cryo-save Group N.v., PRNE
Tuesday, December 6, 2011

ZUTPHEN, the Netherlands, December 7, 2011 -

The Board of Parents, a unique initiative to involve local communities and increase transparency

Cryo-Save, Europe’s leading family stem cell bank, is thrilled to announce the launch of a unique program: the Board of Parents. The aim of the program is to give the opportunity to Cryo-Save’s clients, to approach the company from a new perspective and to find out more on how a family stem cell bank works in terms of laboratory procedures and cryopreservation techniques. This is a unique initiative to create interactions between the company and its customers and a way to reinforce the transparency of the organization.

Cryo-Save has opened this week the applications to participate to the program. All Cryo-Save clients from countries like Spain, Italy, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia and Greece are invited to apply on their country website. The application process will end up in a selection of delegates, chosen to represent the voice of the parents in front of Cryo-Save. Through this community, Cryo-Save will communicate personally with the parents about the life of the company and the achievements of stem cell research.

The Board of Parents and Cryo-Save will be interacting closely for a three months period until the program is repeated to give the opportunity to new countries and new customers to join. The delegates will also be invited to come and visit the Cryo-Save’s flagship processing and storage facility in Niel, Belgium. These events will be exciting occasions to meet personally with the top management of the company and representatives from the stem cell industry. This is the first time a private bank opens the doors to their customers for them to learn about the high-end techniques of processing and storing stem cells.

Arnoud van Tulder, CEO of Cryo-Save Group, says: “This project aims at reinforcing the relationship with our customers and educating the local communities. It is also a unique opportunity for our customers to understand how and where the stem cells are processed and stored.”

The Board of Parents program is part of Cryo-Save actions plan to educate the general public about stem cells and to increase the awareness of the great value to store them.

Cryo-Save, the leading international family stem cell bank, already stores more than 200,000 samples from cord blood and umbilical cord tissue for newborns and adipose tissue for adults. These stem cells can mean the difference between life and death in the case of future threats to the health of the family. There are already several diseases that can be cured by the use of stem cells, and the number of treatments will only increase. The use of stem cells from adipose tissue is increasingly popular in plastic surgery. Driven by its international business strategy, Cryo-Save is now represented in over 40 countries on four continents, with ultra-modern processing and storage facilities in the United States, Belgium, Germany, Dubai, India, South Africa and France (validation in progress).

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