DC Finance’s Annual Corporate Finance Conference Focusingon Trends in Israeli Financial Sector

By Dc Finance Ltd., PRNE
Sunday, August 14, 2011

TEL AVIV, Israel, August 15, 2011 -

Israel’s 2011 Annual Corporate Finance Conference and the Association of publicly Traded Companies’ Raising Capital Abroad event will combine to create the largest conference to date on Nov 22nd, Ramat Gan


DC Finance, a leading producer of financial conferences in Israel, announces that the Annual Corporate Finance
Conference will be held on November 22nd, 2011 at the Leonardo City Tower, Ramat Gan, Israel.

This year the conference will also include the Annual Raising Capital and Going Public Abroad Conference with the Association of Publicly Traded Companies that was originally scheduled for Nov 8th. A special session will be dedicated to this topic as part of the 2011 Corporate Finance conference and as a result, this year’s combined event is expected to attract more participants than ever, creating the largest corporate finance conference to date.

The Corporate Finance Conference will bring more than 650 members of the board, CEOs and CFOs of private and publicly traded companies, bankers, investors, attorneys, regulators, accountants, ratings analysts, and economists to exchange ideas, examine current trends and network in a specialized symposium environment. The 2010 conference’s major areas of discussion are: financing alternatives in Israel and abroad; M&A activities; regulatory and legal issues; and case studies by Israeli CFO’s on local and international capital raising. Related conference topics include raising debt and capital, private equity, bond issues, securitization, equity, debt classification, venture capital, reverse mergers, IPOs in local and foreign markets, unrated bonds, credit, institutional credit, bank credit, mezzanine financing and other subjects

Attendees will hear experts from the Israel Ministry of Finance, Israel Ministry of Tourism, Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, the Israeli CFO Forum, World Check, West Park Capital, Mustang Mezzanine Fund, Leader Underwriting, Yigal Arnon & Co., Mizrachi Tefahot Bank, Upswing Capital, Delek Group, Origo Investments, Pacific Tailor Made Lease, and Gilon Investments among others.

To register and for additional information, please go to www.israel-finance.com.  

About DC Finance

DC Finance (”DCF”) assists global firms in effectively gaining access to Israel’s elite business sector using its unique position as a distinguished coordinator and developer of business conferences. DCF is the initiator of “The Semi-Annual Economic Conference”, “The Going Public Abroad Annual Conference”, ”The Annual Securities Offering Convention”, ”The Kibbutz Industries Annual Economic Conference”, “The Annual Family Office & Wealth Management Conference” (www.israelwealth.com), “The Annual Corporate Finance Conference (www.israel-finance.com)” and “The Tel Aviv Annual Institutional Investors Conference” (www.tlvii.com).

The firm has established itself as Israel’s leader in sponsorship management, providing its sponsors a unique way to access Israel’s elite business sector.  DCF represents the Israeli Institutional Investors Association, The Israel Bar, The Association of Publicly Traded Companies, The Kibbutz Industries Association and  The Israeli Management Center, The Israeli Medical Association, The Energy and Environment Institute and The Chamber of Tax Advisors.  

Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, DCF has grown to produce or sponsor more than 30 events each year, attended by thousands of business professionals from Israel and the world.  For more information, please visit: www.dcf.co.il/eng/default.asp.  

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