Control Risks: Ukrainian Security Risks for Doing Business in 2012 are Low

By Worldwide News Ukraine, PRNE
Thursday, December 15, 2011

KYIV, Ukraine, December 16, 2011 -

Just like most of European countries, Ukraine has low security risks for conducting business in the country in 2012. The 2012 ranking of political and security risks forconducting business by country were provided by the Control Risks  consultancy in its Risk Map.

In 2012, Ukraine will pose occasional low-level challenges fordoing business in the country, according to the Control Risks global risk consultancy [helping businesses manage political, integrity and security risks in complex and hostile environments]. Having a low security risk rating implies that Ukrainian authorities provide due security; organized crime affects businesses only slightly.  Also, one can expect the protests and strikes to unlikely end with threatened or actual violence in Ukraine. Moreover, terrorist attacks are rare and neither perceive businesses as targets nor mean to cause casualties. On the other hand, the report called “doubtful” Ukraine’s further deepening trade relations with the EU because of the conviction of the former Prime Minister Tymoshenko in October 2011.

Along with Ukraine, the following countries of the world will pose low security risks for businesses in 2012: Germany, Netherlands, UK, Spain, Canada, US, Chile, Australia, South Korea, UAE. Such countries as Norway, Malta, Dominica, and Andorra provide benign conditions for business [insignificant security risk]. Ukraine’s neighbor Russia was rated as a country of medium to high both political and business security risks. Somalia and Afghanistan were rated as the most dangerous countries in the world. All in all, Risks Control rated some 173 countries.  

In its 2010 RiskMap the Risks Control identified Ukraine among the five countries representing different regions of the world, which from 2010 could offer considerable value to foreign companies. The consultancy then named Ukraine along with Indonesia, Iran, Mozambique, and Peru. The company claimed that the countries were generally overlooked by investors because they were considered to be too risky. The five states, however, possessed impressive natural and social resources, according to the report. Suffice it to say that Ukraine has improved its business security rating from medium in 2010 to low in 2012.

As for political risks, Ukraine along with Slovakia, Serbia, Jordan, and other countries was rated as a state with medium political risks, providing generally sound conditions for business.


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