Ericom Announces AccessNow(TM) - First High-Performance Pure HTML5 RDP Client for Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS) and VDI - Beta Version Available Now

By Ericom Software, PRNE
Sunday, May 22, 2011

CLOSTER, New Jersey, May 23, 2011 -

- Immediate access to Windows applications and desktops running on
Microsoft RDS / Terminal Services and VDI platforms - now possible from any
web browser supporting HTML5, including from Chrome OS and Chromebooks

Ericom Software, a global leader in Application Access and Desktop
Virtualization solutions, today announced the beta version of Ericom
AccessNow(TM), the market's first pure HTML client providing access to
applications and desktops running on Windows Terminal Services / RDS / VDI
platforms, including session-based applications, remote desktops, and virtual
desktops running on Microsoft Hyper-V and other hypervisors. Running entirely
within a browser, AccessNow works natively with Chrome, Safari, Internet
Explorer (with Chrome Frame plug-in), Firefox and any other browser with
HTML5 and WebSockets support.

Ericom AccessNow takes advantage of HTML5 technology and Ericom's
acceleration technology to deliver high-performance access to Windows
applications and desktops, from any place and almost any end-user device. The
acceleration technology is a result of Ericom's innovative research that led
to the Ericom Blaze solution which offers high performance access to desktops
and applications running on RDS (Terminal Services) and VDI from native
clients on desktops and mobile devices.

Ericom AccessNow is designed for maximum flexibility and ease of
deployment. Remote users requiring the fastest performance should consider
Ericom Blaze, as Ericom Blaze native clients are up to 10x faster than the
standard native Microsoft RDP client.

Key Benefits

Ericom AccessNow also significantly reduces IT overhead in key ways:

1. It does not require Java, Flash, Silverlight, ActiveX, or any other
underlying technology to be installed on end-user devices

2. IT staff do not have to manage / maintain separate product versions
and updates for multiple clients (end-point operating systems) - an HTML5
browser is all that is required

As an added benefit, AccessNow also enables companies with BYOC (Bring
Your Own Computer) policies to continue leveraging the Microsoft RDS

Eran Heyman, Ericom Software's CEO commented: "With this exciting and
innovative product release related to pure HTML5 browser access to
applications and desktops, we are proud to be the only company today
providing this breakthrough technology, enabling applications and virtual
desktop access to become more secure, flexible and above all - simple."

Don Tufano, Director of Instructional Technology of the Valley View
School District, is responsible for the implementation of strategic
technology and provides vision in support of the district's instructional and
information activities. Don commented that, "ValleyView is implementing
Ericom's PowerTerm WebConnect remote access solution for Terminal Services
access and management in support of the educational needs of approximately
20,000 students in 20 educational facilities. We are excited by Ericom's
announcement of AccessNow in that browser-based technology will further
enable the support of access from any device and any location. Our Technology
Services team is responsible for supporting a diverse set of users and
students at school, home and other remote locations."

More About Ericom AccessNow

    1. Supports client devices running Windows, Linux, Mac, Chrome OS (HTML5
       client is the only way to support Google's Chrome OS and Chromebooks)
       and any other OS
    2. Runs as pure HTML on netbooks, desktops, laptops and thin clients, and
       supports Intel x86, ARM or any other CPU architecture
    3. The General Availability (GA) version will also support devices with
       virtual keyboards such as iPad, iPhone, Android and others
    4. Can also work via Ericom's Secure Gateway when clients are outside the

Beta Program

To participate in the Beta program for Ericom AccessNow, please visit:

Ericom AccessNow is also available as a free application on the Google
Chrome Web Store.

On March 30, 2011 Ericom announced the market's first HTML5 RDP client
for virtual desktops; today's announcement of Ericom AccessNow is the second
beta product among a family of HTML5 RDP client products.

About Ericom

Ericom Software is a leading global provider of Application Access and
Virtualization Solutions. Since 1993, Ericom has been helping users access
enterprise mission-critical applications running on a broad range of
Microsoft(R) Windows(R) Terminal Servers, Virtual Desktops, legacy hosts and
other systems. With offices in the US, UK, EMEA, India and China, Ericom also
has an extensive worldwide network of distributors and partners. Our
expanding customer base is more than 30 thousand strong, with over 7 million
installations. For more information about Ericom and its products, please

    Ericom US Contact
    Ilan Paretsky
    +1-201-767-2210 x9718

    Ericom UK Contact
    Ian Platt

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