ETX Capital’s Global Expansion sees the Introduction of Trailing Stop Orders

By Etx Capital, PRNE
Sunday, June 26, 2011

LONDON, June 27, 2011 -


ETX Capital, a
leading UK and international spread betting and CFD firm, has
introduced trailing stop orders to its spread betting and CFD

In a move that is anticipated to be widely welcomed by the
firm’s customers, ETX Capital will now allow clients the ability to
place trailing stop orders in order to lock in their potential
profits from volatile markets and manage their spread betting and
CFD gains, and the many associated risks, more effectively.

Through the use of a trailing stop loss order clients will be
able to trail a stop behind a position.  The use of a trailing
stop order maintains a stop loss order at a specific percentage
point below or above the market price. With a trailing stop loss
order the stop does not remain static and will continuously change
based on fluctuations in prices, yet always maintain the same
percentage below or above the market price.  

For example, if a client were to buy the UK 100 at a price of
5944/5945 with a trailing stop distance set by the client of 25
points and a trailing increment of 20 points, set by ETX Capital,
then the stop loss order will be placed at 5920.  If the
market were to then rise to 5985 -5986 the stop would also move up
by 40 points to 5960 and would continue to do so for every 20 point
move upwards in the market.  

If, however, the market were to drastically fall and the price
drastically dropped back down to 5944/5945 then the trailing stop
would have been activated and the position would be closed at 5960.

According to ETX Capital senior trader Manoj Ladwa, the
introduction of trailing stop loss orders will be highly beneficial
with both new and existing traders being able to profit from
volatile markets.  Ladwa was, however, mindful to remind
customers that it is also possible to lose more than the initial
amount deposited when spread betting and CFD trading with a
trailing stop loss order.  

“With our successful launch in Germany and planned expansion
into the French and Italian markets, ETX Capital are making it
easier for our UK and European clients to profit in different ways
from CFD trading and spread betting.  The introduction of
trailing stop loss orders can help both limit losses and aid in
obtaining gains for our clients”.  

ETX Capital is a
leading spread betting and href="">CFD
broker offering multi-asset and multi-market derivative dealing
capability through spread bets and CFD trading to institutional,
high net worth and retail customers.  Delivering unrivalled
levels of customer support from expert traders ETX Capital ensure
client confidentiality and advanced spread betting and href="">CFD
trading platforms.  

Notes to the editor:

ETX Capital is the trading name of Monecor (London) Limited,
company number 00851820.  Monecor (London) Limited was
established in 1965, is authorised and regulated by the Financial
Services Authority, registration number 124721, and is a member
firm of the London Stock Exchange.  

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