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By Gds International, PRNE
Wednesday, November 9, 2011

BRISTOL, England, November 10, 2011 -

Last week was a special week for Rico Zamarra. After three months of intensive training, countless product pitches and hours of hard work, the trainee sales executive at GDS International - the world’s leading business-to-business events company - brought home his first deal on the firm’s busy New York trading floor.

“I’m enjoying the challenge, and feel like I’m building,” he says. “And I’m going to keep getting better week by week.”

Rico exemplifies the type of attitude required to succeed in a fast-paced environment. Always in the office early, looking for new angles/leads late at night, and always there to toast his colleagues on a Friday night whether he has had a great week or not, Rico represents why positivity and a strong team ethic are so important.

“Being an employee of GDS has to mean more than bringing in figures. It’s about the personal standards by which you define yourself, how you treat others, how hard you work and what you contribute beyond statistics,” says HR Director Jon Walder. “Rico has been exemplary in this regard. He has raised standards and been a positive influence on all who have worked alongside him - myself included.”

GDS knows that the reputation of a company stands or falls on the quality of its people, and over the past few months the level of new recruits coming through the Bristol-based firm’s training and development scheme has been getting stronger and stronger. Walder believes it is now starting to deliver a conveyor belt of consistently high quality, ambitious professionals.

Indeed, the success of Rico and his fellow new hires is testament to GDS’ approach to recruitment and personal development. New initiatives such as the GDS Mentor System, where new hires are paired with an experienced employee they can turn to for advice or support, have had a huge impact on the development of its greatest asset - its people.

“The GDS Mentor System ensures our new starters are feeling comfortable and supported within their new working environment so they are performing to their best, are not afraid of making mistakes and can instead learn from them,” says Walder. “It also helps the mentors too, bringing a greater sense of responsibility as well as fresh perspectives.”

In addition, a greater focus on using marketing channels to complement standard recruitment is also paying dividends, with active and passive advertising campaigns on LinkedIn raising the calibre of candidates applying for positions right across the company.

“A high tide raises all ships, and measures such as these are ensuring we have the right people in place to help succeed in all our goals,” says Walder. “Congratulations to Rico and all his fellow new hires on their achievements so far - long may they continue to thrive and develop in their new roles.”

About GDS International:

GDS International is one of the most innovative events and media companies worldwide and a globally renowned producer of business-to-business summits, conferences, online information and advisory group gatherings.

Founded in 1993, GDS International specialises in meeting the B2B marketing needs of our clients. Having a strong presence in mature industrial sectors but a finger on the pulse of emerging markets - as well as up-and-coming B2B business verticals - means we are perfectly placed to capitalise on the exciting developments brought about by the advent of a globalised economy.

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