Food Inflation Eats Away at Chances of Budgeting

By Virgin Money, PRNE
Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Prepaidcards Could Help Ease The Financial Burden

LONDON, April 6, 2011 - The soaring cost of food is set to eat in to the nation's budget in 2011,
with 88% of people admitting they overspend on their regular supermarket
shop, research from Virgin Money ( has

Shoppers who occasionally stray from their budget were likely to
overspend by an average of GBP9.74, while those who regularly exceeded their
target budget did so by GBP11.45, the research indicated.

With food inflation in the UK at an annual rate of 4.4%** in February,
purchasing of even basic groceries is set to be unkind to our bank balances
in 2011.

Increased food prices combined with a nation tempted by luxury and
arguably unnecessary items has seen 77.3% of shoppers surveyed by Virgin
Money stray from their list of essential items.

Many people fail to budget for their supermarket shop, resulting in them
breaking their budget. Food inflation is expected to reach 5% in the near
future, meaning that the weekly shopping trip is set to become more
expensive. Experts have predicted a loaf of bread could soon cost up to

Carlie Wittred, spokesperson for Virgin Money, said: "The weekly shop can
be budgeted for in advance. However, it is easy to get sidetracked, so it is
worth using a method that ensures you can't spend beyond your means.

"Prepaidcards ( allow you
to set a budget and won't allow you to exceed that limit. With close to three
quarters of people shopping once a week and more than four in five admitting
to overspending, using a prepaid card could potentially save shoppers an
average of GBP550.68*** each year."

The survey of 2,448 adults indicated that 43.8% of women failed to set
themselves a budget, which helps explain why 36.7% regularly overspend by
anything up to GBP10.

Over 55% of men were occasionally tempted by unnecessary items such as
DVD's, with only 13.9% never exceeding their set target budget.

Virgin Money offers pay as you go or pay monthly prepaidcards.

* Research conducted by Consumer Intelligence on behalf of Virgin Money.
2,448 adults were questioned between 25-28 February 2011.

** Based on information from the Consumer Price Index- the official
measure of inflation of consumer prices in the United Kingdom.

***Average overspend = GBP9.74 (occasional overspend) + GBP11.45 (regular
overspend) = GBP21.19

GBP21.19 / 2 = GBP10.59.GBP10.59×52 = GBP550.68

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