Chornobyl 25th Anniversary Conference to Explore European Stereotypes

By Worldwide News Ukraine, PRNE
Monday, April 4, 2011

KYIV, Ukraine, April 5, 2011 - On April 26, 2011, Ukraine observes the 25th anniversary of the
Chornobyl nuclear disaster that remains the worst nuclear catastrophe in
contemporary history, which affected the very attitude to the nuclear power
worldwide. The consequences of this accident are still fresh in the memory of
the European population according to the survey conducted by the Benenson
Strategy Group conjointly with First International Resources on Feb. 21
through March 14
in France, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Sweden, UK and Ukraine.

The Chornobyl disaster has become a sad symbol of Ukraine, widely
associated with nuclear security problems, which affected millions of people.
According to the survey, aimed to assess the public opinion on Chornobyl's
influence on a number of important social issues, the vast majority of
European population (86-89%) believe, that Chernobyl catastrophe has
"somewhat" or "very much" affected their health. At the same time, 71% of
French population is still concerned that the Chornobyl consequence continues
to affect their health. Almost all Ukrainian respondents (about 98%)
indicated that the 1986 accident "badly affected" their health and more than
half or the respondents (55%) believe that their health continues to be "very
much" affected by the accident.

Nevertheless, the survey shows, that Ukrainian respondents positively
assess the perspectives of national nuclear sector development. Currently,
nuclear energy is of utmost importance for the country's economy, since half
of Ukraine's electric energy is produced atthe NPPs.

The International Conference, "Chornobyl, 25 Years. Safety for the
Future", will be held in Kyiv on April 20-22, 2011, and provide discussion
forum on the issues of nuclear safety; radioactive waste and spent nuclear
fuel from decommissioned NPPs; development of technological disaster
prevention systems; management of the Chornobyl accident consequences.

The research revealed that an overwhelming majority of
European citizens consider their country's representation at the
International conference very important. Among the surveyed citizens, 93% of
French, 90% of Polish, 85% of British and Swedish, 83% of Hungarian and 82%
of German respondents voted for their country participation in the

The survey represents the plus or minus 4% margin error at a
95% confidence level among adult respondents (over 18) in Ukraine (1021),
France (502), and 500 in each of the following countries: Germany, Hungary,
Poland, Sweden and Great Britain.

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