Freecom Launches Toughest External Hard Drive Yet to Withstand Extreme Conditions

By Prne, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, March 18, 2009

RIJSWIJK, Netherlands - Freecom, an award-winning manufacturer of external hard drives
and portable storage devices, launched the ‘ToughDrive Sport’, a durable,
shock-resistant, 2.5″ external hard drive designed to endure even the
toughest conditions. This latest addition to the ToughDrive family is perfect
for heavy duty users that want to carry their data on the move, from
backpacking around the world to cycling up mountains.

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The ToughDrive Sport features a handy loop in one corner
enabling easy attachment to bags or belts - allowing people to carry their
data hands-free. The drive can also withstand falls of up to two metres and
is fully protected against adverse weather conditions associated with outdoor

The ToughDrive Sport has an outdoor sports design and an
integrated USB cable designed to look and feel like a climbing rope - this
makes the drive extremely portable as no external power adapter is required
for charging. Ideal for mobile use given its size and robustness, the
internal anti-shock mechanism insulates the hard drive against unforeseen
shocks that could cause damage and result in the loss of masses of data.

“The stylish ToughDrive Sport is perfectly designed for those
with an active, high duty, outdoor lifestyle,” said Axel Lucassen, co-founder
and executive senior VP of product line management and marketing. “Whether
you’re a backpacker travelling around the world, using the drive to store
photos of the places you visit, or a field service engineer working in stormy
weather, it’s essential that your information is easily portable and
effectively able to withstand any knocks and bumps.”

The ToughDrive Sport holds up to 500GB of information and the
Turbo USB 2.0 connection offers transfer speeds of up to 30 percent faster
than competing solutions for downloading or uploading data. The drive also
features secure password protection whereby the user’s password is encrypted
and stored on a 256bit hardware chip. This added security feature gives users
peace of mind even where the most sensitive information is concerned as, if
the drive is lost or stolen, no-one will be able to access the data it
contains without the password. In these instances, the drive would be
reformatted, automatically erasing all of its contents and ensuring
information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

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