Geeklist Announces the First Achievement-Based Geek Identity

By Geeklist Inc., PRNE
Saturday, November 12, 2011

SAN FRANCISCO, November 13, 2011 - - Geeklist announces they have built the first Achievement-based social platform for developers. Still in Private Beta mode, the site allows developers to share their achievements, find other geeks, give credit to peers and connect in a way never possible before.

Geeklist is the world’s first real-time tech data engine based on achievements. “It’s a window into knowing who is using which technologies, with whom, where, when and how. It’s a virtual ’safe-zone’ for geeks to share and even brag a little about some of the great things they’ve done in their careers. We give Geeks a place their voice can be heard and considering our lives are run by what developers build, that voice is really quite powerful,” stated Reuben Katz, CEO & co-founder of Geeklist.

Christian Sanz, CTO & co-founder of Geeklist, spent years hiring developers using traditional means like networking, job sites and resumes. “They just don’t work. There is no depth to a resume and even less in an online job resume or profile,” exclaimed Christian. “LinkedIn is great for many things, but for hiring developers and builders, well, not so much. We provide developers the ability to share what they have done in the context of telling their peers, not trying to sell themselves to recruiters,” continues Sanz. “It’s like when developers get together for a drink after work and talk about the amazing stuff they just did, or war stories of things they built in the past, things they are really proud of which other geeks can Hi 5.”

Currently developers can view real-time discovery streams of cards and micros showing who did what behind the scenes of amazing companies like Twitter, Microsoft, Joyent, Mozilla, Yammer and even Google. Guys like, Laurence Gonsalves ( write “I helped build Google Reader from the ground up” or famed ex-Microsoft developer, Charlie Kindel (, who wrote an Achievement card stating “I was one of the earliest Windows app developers. Windows 2.x. in 1989. My apps could print.” Even some of Twitter’s earliest engineers and founders say things in Geeklist like “I scaled Twitter”.

Geeklist is also announcing that they have secured a round of Angel funding from industry heavy-weights including, Great Oaks Venture Partners, Milan Ventures, Nick Wilson, Jeff Fluhr, Sean Knapp, Tony Hsieh among others. “We’re growing rapidly and just broke over 100,000 activities inside the site, stay tuned for more communication, data and discovery,” said Katz.

Geeklist, Inc. is located virtually at and physically in the heart of San Francisco’s SoMa startup scene inside RocketSpace 181 Fremont Street, San Francisco, CA, 94105.

Reuben Katz, rkatz at - +1-858-688-6106

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