GEL-KINSEI 3: The Ultimate ‘Smart’ Running Shoe That Responds to Every Runner’s Needs

By Prne, Gaea News Network
Sunday, September 27, 2009

HOOFDDORP, Netherlands - October 2009 will mark the global launch of the GEL-KINSEI 3, the third generation of ASICS’ most innovative running shoe to date. An adaptive shoe for all types of runners, the GEL-KINSEI 3 combines new technologies such as the Guidance Line System and the Heel Clutching System with total weight reduction.

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A star is born

The KINSEI (which is Japanese for ‘Golden Star’) series is ASICS’ most technical running shoe, and the platform from which all ASICS innovations are launched. From the moment it debuted in 2005, the ’smart’ and adaptive GEL-KINSEI took the running community by storm, capturing a loyal fan base and numerous prestigious awards.

From Japan to Europe, ASICS’ research covers all areas

ASICS has become a leading authority in the field of running thanks to its ‘Kaizen philosophy’ of continuous improvement. At its Institute of Sport Science in Kobe, Japan, the company continuously carries out extensive research into new technologies and the different ways the human body behaves during running.

However, the company’s research doesn’t stop there. ASICS recently conducted a survey on running behaviour among 3500 participants in seven Western European countries. The results showed that almost half of European runners are extremely conscious of the importance of good footwear and, as a result, choose running shoes that specifically address their running style, foot type, gender and weight. From 35% of runners in France to 58% in Spain, these athletes realise how vital customised shoes are when it comes to injury prevention, especially during lengthy runs such as marathons.

ASICS’ guidance for running

When running, athletes are able to control their footstrike and toe-off position for several kilometres. However, when their bodies start to tire, runners are in need of additional guidance to continuously attain the ideal toe-off position. Unfortunately, not every running shoe can provide this necessary guidance. This is where the GEL-KINSEI 3 comes in, as its new and updated technologies make it adaptable for many different running types.

ASICS’ innovative Guidance Line System is designed to help address the runner’s need for guidance and running efficiency. Incorporated into the shoe’s midsole and outsole, a special vertical Flex Groove design encourages the foot to maintain a constant line of progression with each stride by following the foot’s centre-of-pressure during its gait cycle, and guiding it to an ideal toe-off position. This increases running efficiency and decreases fatigue.

Another new technology is the Heel Clutching System. An external extension of the existing Pebax cradle, it ‘clutches’ the entire rearfoot to provide a more lightweight, stable and comfortable environment. This is just one of the weight-saving technologies and features that were specially designed to help reduce the shoe’s overall weight by more than 50 grams compared to its predecessor.

The GEL-KINSEI 3 will be available at specialty running stores worldwide from October 2009. Anima Sana in Corpore Sano A sound mind, in a sound body HTTP://WWW.ASICS.COM

Source: Asics Europe B.V.

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