Hotter Comfort Concept Shoes Reveal the Secrets of Happy Feet

By Hotter Comfort Concept Shoes, PRNE
Thursday, May 26, 2011

SKELMERSDALE, England, May 27, 2011 -

Hotter Comfort Concept Shoes decide to share their five decades of
specialist shoe making knowledge by creating a new 'how to' guide to healthy
happy feet.

As part of efforts to help keep today's 'on-the-go' society on their
feet, the experts at Hotter shoes have combined their in-depth knowledge of
footwear design and manufacture with foot health advice ( to reveal top
secrets to make happy feet, including:

- Shoe features to consider which actively promote comfort

- Tips for how and when to buy shoes for optimum comfort fit

- Foot health advice and suggestions from leading UK specialists

- Foot exercises to help build a healthier lifestyle

- Shoe tips for orthotics wearers

The handy guide also includes suggestions on which type of shoes to
choose for a variety of health conditions including diabetes, painful heels,
corns, calluses and bunions.

"There is an obvious synergy between shoes and feet. We've been working
for decades to create the world's most comfortable shoes ( and decided to share some of the knowledge we
have accrued to help people make their own feet happy," commented product
design director Paul Sayers.

"Our Guide to Happy Healthy Feet combines insight from our own design
team with foot health knowledge from respected professionals which should
help anyone who has ever struggled to find a pair of shoes that fit well and
feel comfortable", added Paul.

With an enthusiasm and passion for comfort which runs right across the
company's design and manufacturing teams, every aspect of a Hotter shoe is
given individual attention to guarantee the ultimate, lightweight comfort
feel. Elements such as extra wide fitting shoes (, soft
leathers and padded heels can be seen straight away, but even more are
discretely hidden within the footwear. Features can include extra space for
toes to wiggle and flex, smooth internal seams and soles which are filled
with millions of air bubbles to make them both light and shock absorbing.
These comfort features are the perfect environment to create happy feet for
people who are suffering from a number of foot problems and Hotter's Happy
Feet guide offers valuable, and often life improving, insight.

About Hotter Comfort Concept (

The company, which was established in 1959, has invested GBP6million in
the past six years and now has one of the most successful production
facilities anywhere in the world. The 'Comfort Concept' in every pair
includes features such as smooth internal seams; removable insoles; soft
leather uppers and soft padding. The 1.3 million pairs of shoes designed and
made in Hotter Comfort Concept's UK factory each year have shock absorbing
soles which contain millions of air bubbles that make the shoes incredibly
light and give a feeling of walking on air.

Hotter Comfort Concept shoes and sandals (
are sold direct to customers via its 100 seater call centre; online shop,
12 Hotter Comfort Concept stores across the UK and through 200 independent

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