Prime Minister David Cameron Cooks Using Britannia's Sigma Range Cooker

By Britannia Living, PRNE
Thursday, May 26, 2011

BLACKPOOL, England, May 27, 2011 -

Give your modern kitchen a contemporary look just like the Prime Minister
David Cameron with a centre stage Britannia Sigma Range cooker

The US President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle have just made a
state visit to the UK and as a result, a photograph of the Prime Minister's
kitchen at 11 Downing Street has been published.

It offered a through-the-key-hole rare glimpse into the domestic life of
Mr Cameron and his family but more importantly, it showed the proud focal
point in the open-plan kitchen which is one of our fantastic Britannia Range
cookers (

It is clear the PM's wife Samantha Cameron has a good feel for design and
style as the range cooker in stainless steel looks great in a modernised
kitchen. The hob features a fish burner which is ideal for cooking salmon in
a fish kettle for a chic dinner party which take place frequently.

If the fish burner is not used the pan supports can be
replaced by a Chef Top. This stainless steel hotplate can be used to cook
anything from the family's English breakfast to steak and stir-fries; a real
British fry-up! But if the family prefer chicken then the rotisserie in the
second oven provides an easy way to cook impeccably succulent chicken;
perfect for the children's birthday parties!

The Camerons had the bright and contemporary kitchen refurbished before
they moved in last year, which cost around GBP25,000. The released photo
offers a tantalising peek inside the private residence and its immaculate
cabinets, shiny pans in neat lines, gleaming accessories and Britannia
Living's range cooker.

The PM and his family used to have a cast-iron Aga oven but gave it the
cold shoulder last year when they wanted to reduce their carbon footprint; so
they installed a cooker that would make the kitchen part of the home and have
high quality specification. Most Britannia ovens in our Ranges cookers
( are 'A rated' for energy
efficiency with triple-glazed oven doors so it helps David do his bit for the

The Prime Minister is clearly keen on top notch kitchen gadgets so if
it's good enough for Britain's PM then it's good enough for you! Visit
Britannia Living today and let the experts guide you in purchasing your
quality range cooker-designed to make cooking a pleasure.

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