Hotter Shoes Survey Reveals Women Fall for Killer Heels

By Hotter Shoes, PRNE
Thursday, November 11, 2010

SKELMERSDALE, England, November 12, 2010 - Hotter Shoes has found out in a new survey that fashion conscious women
go to such extreme lengths to wear trendy shoes that one in ten women admits
they have had to receive medical attention or even be hospitalised because of
their shoes.

Nearly half of women have twisted their ankle because of their footwear
and two thirds admit to wearing shoes that have caused them injury.

The top injuries caused by shoes were broken ankles, twisted knees,
infected blisters, bunions and torn tendons.

The study into 3,000 womens footwear (
choices was conducted by Hotter Shoes, the UK's biggest shoe manufacturer,
who is looking into what motivates women to buy certain shoes.

Lisa McCarten of Hotter Comfort Concept Shoes, said: "As a comfort shoe
maker we were amazed to discover the pain and discomfort that women were
prepared to endure for a pair of killer heels or an ill-fitting impulse sale
bargain. We have championed the cause of comfortable shoes (
for over fifty
years; today's active woman needs to be able to be on her feet for work,
family and her own social life, looking good and feeling fabulous.

"Nothing can ruin a day more than sore and tired feet, every person in
our design and technical team works hard to ensure that our shoes are stylish
and comfortable. We craft our shoes to ensure feet are in the best possible
care and we're delighted to think that we have liberated women's feet from
the burden of tight fitting shoes that rub and hurt."

Notes to editors:

The Hotter Comfort Concept survey was conducted by who
interviewed 3000 women who wear high heels between 29th Oct and 1st Nov.

About Hotter Comfort Concept:

Hotter Comfort Concept, which was established in 1959, manufactures 1.3
million pairs of men's and women's comfy shoes (
, including
wide fitting shoes, boots, slippers, party shoes (
and sandals for women and comfortable mens shoes each year - making it the
UK's largest shoe manufacturer. Based in Lancashire, this UK firm sells its
shoe via direct mail through its on-site 100 seater call centre, ten high
street stores and 200 independent retailers. For the last two years Hotter
Comfort Concept has been named as one of the top 100 private investment
backed companies in the UK by The Sunday Times.

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