How Idea Management Software Both Increases and Measures Employee Engagement

By Organised Feedback, PRNE
Monday, June 13, 2011

MANCHESTER, England, June 14, 2011 -

A recent Gallup Engagement Survey of 666 firms, employing more
than 10% of the UK workforce, showed that there is a problem with
employee engagement and motivation and by implication with idea
generation and idea
management.  The Gallup Survey showed 24% of employees are
engaged, 51% are neutral and 25% are disengaged.

Confirming the need for urgent action, the CBI reported last
year that employee engagement is now the biggest challenge facing
employers. Firms overwhelmingly told the CBI that their priority
going forward was engagement, with 67% citing this as their focus.
Seven out of 10 said employee engagement would play a vital role in
their business’ recovery.

Idea Management to the rescue.

According to Jim sproat CEO of href="">OrganisedFeedback,
‘Actively listening to employees ideas and leveraging their
experience and knowledge within a transparent href="">idea management
software system builds employee trust with immediate line
managers (by far the major influence on an employee’s engagement is
the relationship with their immediate manager, thus any system
which helps build that relationship must be welcomed).’

This positive relationship is crucial in making the workplace
atmosphere one which welcomes the use of structured href="">idea management as a
way to orchestrate change and increase engagement. Being able to
publish and share ideas and improvements through a friendly,
non-threatening and focussed online suggestion box and href="">idea management system
can make a major contribution to innovation, continuous improvement
and engagement.

A leader in the field -  David Macleod, author of the
Macleod Report to Government on Employee Engagement (May
) -  recommends employers to review their current
engagement strategies against the new approach.

The Rules of Engagement white paper offers some
thought-provoking insights to employers, well worth considering in
the light of their current engagement strategies.

Metrics in Ideas Management and
employee engagement

Why do you need to measure the amount and depth of participation
within an idea
management system and an employee Idea Community?  The
answer is simple: because you need to increase its quantity and

Participation is not only needed in itself, it is a metric for
employee engagement. Measuring contributions in terms of ideas
suggested to work smarter, to improve internal processes or to save
money is both simple and instructive.

So, in any such system of href="">idea management and
engagement you need to know the facts. For example, how many people
are participating? More this month than last? What is that as a
proportion of all employees? Just how many suggestions or Ideas
have been submitted this month or to date? Which ideas have most
comments, and how many is that? Which departments are most
innovative? What are the most popular themes? How many have been
implemented, with what time and money savings made?

Employee engagement and href="">idea management
software go hand in hand, helping make people part of the
process. Commitment follows because they now have a stake in the

In contrast to such dynamic workplace democracy and a sense of
commitment and responsibility, disengaged employees inhibit change.
Moving forward with disengaged people is like driving a car with
the brakes on - you can make progress, but it’s slow, uncomfortable
and wearing!

To sum up: there is no greater compliment than asking someone
what they think about an issue or ways to improve or to change -
and really mean it!  Listening - now as always - is key to
increasing trust, understanding, motivation and engagement.

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