Is Germany Destroying Europe?

By Murmann Verlag, PRNE
Monday, June 13, 2011

HAMBURG, Germany, June 14, 2011 -

Germany has set out on a path which it thinks will lead to a Europe
based on the German model, but is actually much more likely to bring about
the destruction of the European Union”. This is the warning issued by the
author, Detlef Gürtler, in his polemic “Sorry! I’m German”. In it, he
apologises for Angela Merkel & Co and, in a tone of gentle self-mockery,
lifts the lid on what it is in the German character, which has recently
led to them being able to call all the shots in Europe. Gürtler reveals why
the Germans are as they are, how this is bringing about the destruction of
Europe, and what other Europeans could perhaps do to prevent its demise. For
this is Gürtler’s thesis: Germany’s character is holding back Europe’s

“Sorry! I’m German”, due to be published as an eBook on 4th July, will be
available in seven languages simultaneously: German, English, French,
Italian, Spanish, Turkish and Dutch. Following the style of pamphlets, which
are becoming increasingly popular in this age of the internet, apps and
e-mail, Hamburg publisher, Murmann Verlag, is giving this newly-fashionable
genre for educating people a modern twist by issuing the work both in
e-format and in different European versions.

Galley proofs of the German and English versions can be ordered directly
from the publisher; the author is available for interviews from 29th June to
6th July.

Information about the author:

Detlef Gürtler resides in Germany, Spain and Switzerland. He is editor-in
chief of the Swiss science magazine, GDI Impuls, is the author of successful
textbooks on economics (”Die Dagoberts”, “Die Tagesschau erklärt die
Wirtschaft”) and writes, as a journalist, for several daily and weekly
newspapers including Welt, taz, and La Vanguardia. In addition, he also
founded the economics magazine, brand eins, and works as a consultant for
international companies.

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    Detlef Gürtler
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    eBook available in seven languages simultaneously for EUR 3.99
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