Ingenuity Announces RNA-Sequencing Workflow Support and First-of-Its-Kind microRNA Filtering Capability With Latest Release of IPA

By Ingenuity Systems, PRNE
Monday, March 14, 2011

REDWOOD CITY, California, March 15, 2011 - Ingenuity(R) Systems, a leading provider of information and analytics
solutions for life science researchers, today announced new features to
support RNA-Sequencing workflows and microRNA research in IPA(R). Processed
RNA-Seq datasets can now be uploaded directly into IPA and analyzed in the
context of pathways and diseases for a rich biological interpretation of the
data. This helps researchers quickly and accurately focus on the most
important information within their large RNA-Seq datasets quickening the pace
of research. IPA also now includes a unique new microRNA Target Filter,
making IPA the only commercially available tool that allows researchers to
examine both predicted and experimentally demonstrated microRNA-mRNA
pairings, prioritize targets based on relevant biological context, and
visualize the molecular interactions of those target relationships and
related biological impacts.

"The new microRNA Target Filter plus the additional microRNA content is
an ideal combination to help prioritize miRNA target interactions," stated
Aaron Sarver Ph.D., University of Minnesota. "IPA users can quickly filter
those interactions based on relevant biology, and then visualize the
biological effects of target interactions. IPA makes it much simpler to find
interesting insights, and allows me to systematically utilize the miRNA
literature to generate novel testable hypotheses."

"Whether our customers are working with 'omics or next-generation
sequencing platforms, there is a fundamental gap between the output of data
and the ability to analyze and interpret the results in a meaningful
biological way," stated Doug Bassett, Ph.D., CSO and CTO, Ingenuity Systems.
"IPA 9.0 narrows this gap with support for new platforms, new analytics, and
complementary new content all designed to support key needs of our customers,
such as biological interpretation of microRNA and NGS datasets. IPA has
become the industry standard for delivering powerful biological insights from
large scale data, and we are pleased to be able to offer exciting new
capabilities to researchers in these rapidly growing research areas.
Regardless of platform, it's clear that examining genes in the context of
known molecular relationships, biological processes, and disease
relationships, provides a faster and more reliable way to identify key
insights from complex data."

The latest release of IPA includes significant feature enhancements
designed to help researchers get maximum value from data generated by NGS,
microarray, and 'omics experiments:

New first-of-a-kind microRNA Target Filter capability and microRNA
content: Get insight into the biological effects of microRNAs using both
experimentally demonstrated and predicted microRNA-mRNA relationships.

    - Identify mRNA targets for microRNAs using newly added predicted
      microRNA-mRNA binding relationships from TargetScan, in addition to
      information on experimentally validated relationships from TarBase.
    - Reduce number of steps to confidently identify targets by examining
      microRNA-mRNA pairings, exploring the related biological context of
      these relationships, and filtering mRNA targets based on relevant
      biological characteristics, all within a single tool.
    - Easily prioritize mRNA target interactions based on confidence levels
      of interaction predictions, source, role or presence in species,
      diseases, tissues, pathways, cell lines, molecular types, and more.
    - Elucidate the mechanism of action of microRNAs.
    - Leverage microRNA and mRNA data in combination with other types of
      datasets for an integrated biological analysis.

Expanded RNA-Seq workflow: Directly upload processed RNA-Seq datasets
into IPA to analyze and understand RNA-Seq data in the context of known
biology to get a comprehensive view of the experimental system.

    - Quickly move beyond statistical analysis of high-throughput RNA-Seq
      data to understand the biological implications of your data, so you can
      accurately identify novel disease mechanisms, prioritize drug targets,
      generate hypotheses, and more.
    - Seamlessly move from data processing tools to biological interpretation
      in IPA by directly uploading RefSeq, Ensembl, and UCSC IDs.

Enhanced user interface: IPA's new quick-start and usability enhancements
support a more intuitive user interaction and streamlined access to a variety
of important workflows. Researchers can upload and analyze their data in one
simple step, more quickly search for genes or pathways, and more easily
visualize connections among genes.

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