Jedox AG Presents Business Intelligence Suite "Jedox 3.3"

By Jedox Ag, PRNE
Monday, December 5, 2011

FREIBURG, Germany, December 6, 2011 -

Analysing and planning via the Web, on the move and using Excel / Support for “big data” scenarios / Name change documents technological innovation

Jedox AG, a provider of Business Intelligence (BI) solutions, introduces a new version of its BI suite: the new release 3.3 is now available.  At the same time, the Freiburg-based company is changing the product name of the premium edition from Palo to Jedox. Jedox 3.3 offers more than 155 new features and enhancements, including the possibility to control web-based applications using a touchscreen. Another highlight is the new architecture of the in-memory OLAP database which can process even “big data” at lightning speeds. In addition, the new version also reduces the memory requirements of the OLAP cube held in RAM.  Combining Jedox 3.3 with Jedox GPU technology allows decision-makers to analyse faster, plan in real-time and simulate scenarios using large amounts of data.  

“We have renamed the premium version Jedox to show our customers that they are working with the leading technologically and functionally advanced business intelligence platform,” explains Matthias Krämer, the CTO of Jedox AG.

Fast, flexible, mobile

The new touchscreen support for all web-based applications ensures maximum user-friendliness and flexibility. This means the BI Suite 3.3 can be operated using gestures and fingers as required with smart phones and tablet PCs. In addition, Jedox 3.3 is currently the only solution that writes data back to the database using mobile equipment.

Jedox 3.3 also improves the evaluation, planning and analysis of very large data sets. The new OLAP database architecture reduces the memory requirements of the OLAP cube by at least 40 percent and accelerates CPU calculations by 60 percent.  This makes it possible to perform an OLAP analysis even faster. In addition, the new architecture increases the refresh performance of web-based reports by 280 percent.

The optimisation of data processing procedures provides for additional increases in performance. All ETL processes (extract, transform, load) are significantly faster than before. Moreover, thanks to ETL visualization it is also much easier to model them.

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