Lack of Public Research Money Endangers Patients' Care

By European Hematology Association, PRNE
Tuesday, June 7, 2011

LONDON, June 9, 2011 -

- European Blood Specialists Raise the Alarm

European hematologists raise the alarm on the insufficient research money
for blood disorders. "Blood cancers kill over 95,000 in the EU every year;
the EU must be made aware that more research funds are needed", states
Professor Robin Foa, President of the European Hematology Association (EHA)
at their annual congress in London. Tomorrow, June 10, The European
Commission wraps up the consultation process on the next EU Research program.
EHA calls upon the Commission to consider more funding opportunities for
hematology within that program.

"Not only are blood disorders such as anemias, coagulation disorders, and
hemophilia among the most widespread diseases, but blood cancers kill over
95,000 people in the EU each year. Given the impact of blood diseases on the
health of Europeans, the resources currently made available by the European
Commission, especially for academic research, will not suffice", says Foa.

Hematologists have accomplished major scientific breakthroughs,
particularly in the fields of personalized medicine and stem cells, that
found applications in other disciplines such as oncology, cardiology,
immunotherapy, as well as rheumatology and organ transplantation. Hematology
researchers also excel in translational research - rapidly transferring
laboratory results to clinical practice. "For instance, the primary role of
targeted therapy in oncology is indebted to the groundbreaking hematological
research that allowed us to change the natural course of three leukemias. We
must raise the Commission's awareness of our excellent track record in order
to continue and further improve the leading position that European hematology
holds worldwide", Foa argues.

EHA, the European representative of medical specialists in the field of
blood disorders, is currently holding its Congress. In its response to the
consultation, EHA calls upon the Commission to create more funding
opportunities in hematology within their next Research program.

Notes to editors

1. EHA is an NGO that promotes excellence in clinical practice, research
and education in European hematology. EHA is the representative of
hematologists in Europe (members: 3000+, annual congress attendants: 9000+
hematologists, Haematologica/The Hematology Journal: the primary general
hematology journal in Europe.

2. Sources:

WHO (2008). The global burden of disease.

ECO. International Agency for Research on Cancer

3. EHA consultation response:

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