LDO Voltage Regulator in Micro Package HSNT-4(0808)

By Seiko Instruments Gmbh, PRNE
Monday, May 9, 2011

Up to 200mA or 75dB Ripple Rejection out of a Voltage Regulator with the Size of a Grain of Salt

NEU ISENBURG, Germany, May 10, 2011 - The voltage regulator Series S-1312 und S-1313, available also in
HSNT-4(0808) packages of 0,8mm x 0,8mm x 0,4mm, promote Seiko Instruments
Inc. a big leap in miniaturizing ICs supplying battery operated portable
equipment. Although notably miniaturized these CMOS voltage regulators
perform without reservation and are soldered and inspected like any other IC.
Both series offer output voltages from 1.0V…3.5V in 0.05V increments with
an accuracy of +/- 1.0%. The input voltage range is 1.5V…5.5V. The
HSNT-4(0808) package can dissipate 335mW, the capability of the alternatively
available packages SOT-23-5 is 600mW and SC-82AB 400mW (only S-1313).
Appropriate shaping of the soldering pads can help to increase the power
dissipation dramatically. The S-1312 and S-1313 series distinguish themselves
in their current consumption, 20.0 and 0.9 microA are typical, 30.0 and 1.35
microA are maximum values. Achievable output currents are 150 and 200mA.
Frequency compensation is possible using low ESR ceramic capacitors of 0.22
or 0.1microF. The S-1312 series demonstrates a ripple rejection ratio of 75dB
at 1KHz and 1.2V output voltage, it is 70db at 1KHz and 2.85V. Both regulator
series have internal overcurrent protection and an independent thermal
shutdown circuit that engages at 150degreesC junction temperature and
releases at 120degreesC. Supplying batteries may be protected by using an
ON/OFF input, optionally equipped with an internal pull-down resistor.
Regulators can be ordered with discharge shunts across their outputs, for
discharging residual charges in the system after power down.

Detailed data sheets are available from the website.


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    Seiko Instruments GmbH, Siemensstrasse 9, 63263 Neu-Isenburg, Germany
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