LighterLife Announces New Healthy Ready Meals

By Lighterlife, PRNE
Sunday, February 20, 2011

HARLOW, England, February 21, 2011 - LighterLife has launched new healthy ready meal options to help over 50%
of the UK* who are currently overweight or obese.

The new launch comes at the same time as new figures are released
indicating that the NHS could become bankrupt in 10 years as a result of
rising rates of obesity** and new research from LighterLife which shows that
1.2million people have moved away from the healthy weight category into the
overweight or obese categories after an indulgent Christmas***.

The weight loss experts ( launched the new
low-fat, high protein, portion-controlled healthy ready meal options as a
convenient way of helping people make healthy choices at mealtimes. The range
consists of five meals, which are available on LighterLife's website.

The meal options include a lamb stew with chopped tomatoes, onions and
mushrooms, Italian chicken with mushrooms, onions and oregano, beef casserole
with diced carrots, potato, onions and peas, chicken casserole with carrots
potato, onions, peas and herbs and chicken supreme with diced carrots and

Paul Sturgeon, CEO of LighterLife, said: "We have been asked to make
ready meals in the past so we are sure they'll be an instant hit. We are
delighted to be able to offer people who are trying to lose weight with more
options, which are portion-controlled, low in fat and high in protein. We
hope the new healthy ready meal range will allow people to explore new
flavours and recipes safe in the knowledge that they are not going to
jeopardise their weight loss ( goals."

LighterLife is the UK's industry leader in weight loss and weight
management with an established, highly successful approach to significant
weight loss and lifetime weight management. LighterLife uses cognitive
behaviour therapy (CBT) and transactional analysis (TA) techniques to explore
the reasons behind why people overeat combined with a very-low-calorie diet
(VLCD) for rapid weight-loss. This successful approach has enabled
LighterLife clients to change their relationship with food and achieve long
lasting weight loss.

About LighterLife (

LighterLife is a weight-loss and weight-management programme for people
who are one stone or more overweight and with a body mass index of 25 or
above. LighterLife offers programmes specific to the obese and the overweight
using nutritionally balanced soups, shakes, and bars combined with
specialised counselling techniques. Clients benefit not only from rapid, safe
weight loss but they also learn the behavioural changes needed to sustain it.

LighterLife has also launched two new recipe books: 'Living Lighter Every
Day' and 'Living Lighter Lite'. The recipe books have been developed to offer
practical advice on low calorie and low fat cooking and allow people to make
the right choices so they can enjoy foods without worrying about their weight
and hopefully lose weight fast

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*** ICM Research UK Obesity Survey 2011

**** The new ready meal products will not be sold to LighterLife clients

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