London Hotels Preparing for the Olympics

By Prne, Gaea News Network
Monday, September 7, 2009

AMSTERDAM - In 2012 the Olympic and Paralympic Games will be held in London, Great Britain. Obviously, this will draw a huge number of visitors to the area from all over the world. Years ahead it is clear that its planning has already started. It is expected that the current 110,000 hotel rooms in London will increase to 123,000 in the year the city hosts the Olympics.

As one of the many parties involved in the preparations of the 2012 Olympics, owners of accommodations are under pressure to be able to cope with all extra visitors to the Olympic and Paralympic Games in London. To get an inside look on if and how this process started, took a survey amongst the London hotels in their listings.

The survey resulted in some distinct findings: even though the Olympics still seem far away, 70% of the hotels is already receiving bookings for the period between 27 July and 12 August 2012. An eighth of these are even booked over half of their capacity.

For the at least 500,000 extra visitors already expected, measures have to be taken as these survey results show that almost 3 years ahead of time, 25% of the hotels foresees they are on too low capacity to handle accommodation for all these sports fans and enthusiasts.

Are hotels preparing in any way to be able to accommodate the masses of people that are planning a trip to London in this period? It seems there are a few ways to increase the capacity. 30% of the hotels will increase the number of beds in their hotels, 15% is thinking of splitting existing rooms, and another 17% is taking it a step further by offering accommodation at a different location, such as apartments nearby the hotel. For online travel agencies like, the availability therefore will not increase or decrease significantly, as hotels even out the available rooms and beds between their own websites and the travel agents that offer their rooms online.

In addition, London is growing rapidly and when talking about new accommodation, even though the economy might not seem suitable, the British are thinking about the long term effects. There are plans to be executed in the near future to build new hotels, more apartments and help London get a better spot on the world map of hotels.

Source: Easy to Book GmbH


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