Manthan Systems to Offer Advanced Retail Analytics and Optimization With ARC 6.0

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

BANGALORE, India - Manthan Systems, a leader in the Business Intelligence and Analytics software space, today unveiled the latest version of their product ARC 6.0. The new version of ARC features advanced analytics, data mining and optimization capabilities in their comprehensive performance management suite.

With ARC 6.0, Manthan aims to target the entire spectrum of decision making from business intelligence (BI) & performance management (PM) to advanced analytics & optimization, aiming to compete in new areas with the industry’s broadest range of analytic capabilities.

The ARC 6.0 platform comes with a portfolio of analytic products targeted at major functions within retail, like Merchandise Analytics, Finance Analytics, Customer Analytics, Supplier Collaboration and Analytics.

With advanced analytics and data mining capabilities, retailers can now explore their data to find patterns, relationships and hidden insights that can be modeled for decision making. Major optimization areas include Customer Segmentation, Market Basket Analysis, Customer Churn Analysis, Sales Forecasting, Product Rationalization, Activity Based Costing Analysis and Product Affinity Analysis.

Manthan’s CEO Mr. Atul Jalan said, “With ARC 6.0, I can confidently say that we’re the first and only player in the retail decision making space offering such a broad and complete range of capabilities in a BI platform. When we set out designing ARC 6.0, we aimed at defining retail BI 2.0, and I believe ARC 6.0 is exactly that. You have to see it to believe.”

Explaining the new features in ARC 6.0, Manthan’s Chief Technology Officer, Mr. Vikas Gupta quoted, “In addition to advanced analytics, ARC 6.0 also has more than eighty new and cutting edge features in business intelligence and performance management, including new dashboard and scorecard applications for benchmarking, initiative tracking, course correction, balanced scorecards, to name a few. With these best in class capabilities, ARC 6.0 will aim for the leadership position in the retail performance management space.”

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