MetaTrader5 Gets Russian Stock Exchange Certification

By Metaquotes Software Corp., PRNE
Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Now, Trade With MetaTrader 5 Platform on RTS Stock Exchange

KAZAN, Russia, May 5, 2011 - 05 May, 2011. Kazan. Russia. Today MetaQuotes Software Corp.( announced that its trading platform MetaTrader
5 ( fully met all technical requirements of the
Russian Stock Exchange (RTS) to be allowed to work with the exchange. Now,
any brokerage company can offer their clients the MetaTrader 5 platform on
the RTS Stock Exchange (

MetaTrader 5 is operated on the retail Forex spot market and are the most
popular and functional trading platforms in the market. The retail Forex has
also allowed to build up a large infrastructure of additional modules and
programs around the platfom.

Its ability to work with the Stock Exchanges is one of the most important
features, the trading platform developer company said.

Despite the technical ability of MetaTrader 5 to connect directly to any
Stock Exchange, it is necessary to build integrations to each one
independently, based on the specific requirements. The Russian Stock Exchange
(RTS) is just the first of several Exchanges with which the platform will now
be integrated.

"Working with the RTS was easier than with other Stock Exchanges because
Russian Stocks is our local market and we did not have any problems with
communication. At the same time, we have gained valuable experience and
developed new technologies that will seriously speed up integrations with
other Exchanges in the future," Alexander Saidullin, the leading developer of
MetaTrader 5 ( said.

The developers have already been talking to several major Russian brokers
about the delivery of MetaTrader 5 for trading on the stock exchanges. After
the RTS certification, they expect to see the first brokers using MetaTrader
5 on the Exchange in near future. The developers are counting on an early
success of MetaTrader 5 in the Stock Markets.

"We are entering the Stock Markets with an improved, tested and fully
developed product which has already proved its excellence," Renat Fatkhullin,
CEO of MetaQuotes (, said.
"Everything that has been developed throughout the years in the retail Forex,
overnight has become available to Stock brokers and traders. Moreover, many
platforms in the Stock market are characterized by a rather low technical
level. And this will also contribute to the success of MetaTrader 5."

About MetaQuotes Software Corp.

MetaQuotes ( is a professional trading
platform developer with over 10 years experience. During this time, the
company has become the market leader in retail Forex. With MetaTrader 5
trading platform, the company plans to enter the stock markets.

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About MetaTrader 5

MetaTrader 5 is a full cycle trading platform which includes all
necessary components for providing brokerage services in the financial
markets. One of the important features of the platform is its ability to
operate on several financial markets, including exchanges. MetaTrader 5
trading platform was released on the retail Forex about a year ago. More
than 50 brokers and banks from around the world are already using it.

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