Mindjet UK Achieves Strong Sales Growth of 28% in 2010

By Mindjet, PRNE
Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Celebrating a Record 2010, the UK Office Doubles its Headcount to Meet Growing Demand and Takes on Major Corporate Clients to Reach 1.8 Million Users Globally

LONDON, March 17, 2011 - 2010 saw record success with sales growth of 28 per cent for Mindjet(R)
UK, the leading provider of software and web-based applications for visually
organising and managing information and ideas. Adoption by paid users grew
42% between FY09 and FY10, helping bring the total users globally to nearly
1.8 million. The UK region also doubled the size of its workforce and
supported this rapid expansion with a move to new headquarters in Brentford,
London, to continue its success in 2011.

The year represented the most aggressive launch schedule in the company's
history, including the introduction of five new products and add-ons in the
MindManager(R) suite and a native-built CRM visualisation application -
DealNavigator(TM) - leading to record sales in Q4. Mindjet also landed
impressive customer wins with recognised brands such as BMW(R), Cisco(R),
Credit Suisse(R), Daimler(R) and Dow Chemical(R).

Key 2010 Milestones


- 42% increase in paid users between FY09 and FY10

- 28% growth in sales bookings, resulting in the workforce doubling
and a move to new headquarters


- Reached nearly 1.8M total paid users, adding more than 295K
paid users during FY10 - a 94% increase from FY09

- Increased year-over-year bookings by 21% from FY09

- Recorded the strongest Q4 sales in the company's history with a
36% bookings increase compared to Q4 09

- Launched the MapsforThat(TM) (www.mapsforthat.com/)
community, an online map sharing site that grew to over 300 maps with
20,000 members in four months

Major Product Releases

- Launched MindManager Version 9 for Windows(R), Mindjet Deal
Navigator for salesforce.com(R), MindManager MapShare(TM), MindManager
Explorer(TM) for SharePoint(R) and MindManager 8 for Mac(R)

- Released MindManager Version 9 for Windows, becoming the
essential first stop for Microsoft(R) Outlook(R) and Microsoft
Office(R) users who wish to visualise ideas and create plans,
projects and presentations

- Launched Mindjet Deal Navigator for salesforce.com CRM,
applying Mindjet visualisation capabilities for dramatically-improved
enterprise sales planning and account management

- Introduced MindManager MapShare to let users of Microsoft
SharePoint easily open, review and interact with MindManager maps
through their browsers (no client software required)

- Expanded MindManager's value through new extension,
MindManager Explorer for SharePoint, to let users discover, organize
and act on SharePoint tasks and documents

- Amplified the benefits of MindManager for Apple(R) users with
release of MindManager 8 for Mac that provided integration with
native software such as iCal(R), Address Book and iWork(R)

- Completed eight additional upgrade and service releases totaling
13 launches during the year

Supporting Quotes:

Chris Harman, Regional Vice President for Northern Europe, Middle East
and Africa:

- "While many businesses in the UK have been affected by a
challenging economy, Mindjet had a strong 2010 and we plan to build on
these results as we expand our company, footprint and customer success in

- "Our success is testament to a dedicated focus on customer
success and a strong product suite that meets the demands of a busy and
information-centric business environment. Mindjet demonstrates that the
"must have" solutions are those that drive business productivity and
efficiency gains."


- Mindjet Blog (blog.mindjet.com/)

- Mindjet Facebook(R): (www.facebook.com/mindjet)

- Mindjet's YouTube(R) Channel (www.youtube.com/mindjet)

- More Mindjet news (www.mindjet.com/media-center/overview)

- MapsforThat (www.mapsforthat.com/) Community

About Mindjet:

Mindjet provides productivity software that helps business professionals
visually organize and act upon ideas, information and resources to drive
productivity, team effectiveness and business innovation. Mindjet products
include industry-leading software and online services centered on information
mapping, as well as applications that incorporate Mindjet's innovative
visualization technology to improve the usability of leading business

Used by nearly 1.8 million users around the world and by business
professionals in 45 of BusinessWeek's(R) 50 "World's Most Innovative
Companies," Mindjet solutions clarify thinking, dramatically boost
productivity and increase team effectiveness for better informed decisions.
Mindjet is headquartered in San Francisco, California, with offices
throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia, including Brentford, London.

Mindjet products are available for free trial or purchase here
(www.mindjet.com/products/overview) , and through an extensive partner
network here (www.mindjet.com/community/partners/overview).

    For more information please contact:

    Katie Buckett/Josh Turner

For more information please contact: Katie Buckett/Josh Turner, mindjet at brands2life.com, +44-(0)20-7592-1200

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