Givex and Torex Announce Partnership

By Givex, PRNE
Wednesday, March 16, 2011

LONDON, March 17, 2011 - Givex, a global provider of technology that empowers businesses to manage
their customers' journey, and Torex Retail Holdings Limited (Torex), the
leading global provider of innovative, integrated technology solutions to the
extended retail and hospitality marketplace, announced today at the Retail
Business Technology Expo, their partnership to bring fully-integrated
customer technology to businesses.

The Torex solutions are designed for medium and large businesses, giving
them real-time central management and control of their POS and PDAs. The
integration with Givex now allows Torex users to utilise Givex's wide array
of tools for acquiring new customers, learning about their customers,
effectively communicating with customers and finally rewarding their most
loyal customers. Givex and Torex technology supports businesses in the
retail, hospitality, petroleum and convenience verticals. "The Givex and
Torex partnership brings together two companies who are committed to
providing businesses with the tools they require to better service their
customers," says Jurgen Ketel, Director Sales, Givex UK. "The recent economic
downturn has consumers now demanding a more personalised approach in their
interactions with businesses, and leading companies are taking notice. The
Givex/Torex partnership allows all Torex users to now access the tools we
create through their existing systems, providing a cost effective and
seamless implementation of our programs."

"We are very happy to be expanding our relationship with Givex," says
Nigel Lanch, VP Hospitality, Torex. "More than ever, our clients are looking
for an integrated, all-in-one solution that meets their needs for real-time
information yet also provides the robust functionality necessary for customer
acquisition and retention."

About Givex

Givex's technology has now significantly evolved from the first gift card
and loyalty programs that began in 1999. We now provide customisable tools
that empower businesses of all kinds to acquire new customers, build,
maintain and expand their customer database, effectively communicate with
customers, and finally understand and reward their most loyal customers. Find
out more at

About Torex

Torex is the leading global provider of innovative, integrated technology
solutions to the extended retail marketplace. Torex has over 25 years'
experience of working in partnership with the world's most forward-thinking
retail, petroleum and convenience and hospitality brands to entice, engage
and retain their customers. Over 7,000 customers worldwide depend on our
proven, best-in-class solutions and knowledgeable industry experts to help
them identify, define and deliver a more personal and qualitative experience
for each customer, and to maximise profitability, increase return on
investment and achieve competitive advantage.

    For further information:

    At the Expo:
    Jurgen Ketel
    Director Sales, Givex UK
    mobile: +44(0)75-0086-7797

    At Givex:
    Bryan Wang
    Director Marketing, Givex
    phone: +1-877-478-7733 ext. 309

For further information: At the Expo: Jurgen Ketel, Director Sales, Givex UK, mobile: +44(0)75-0086-7797, e-mail: Jurgen at; At Givex: Bryan Wang, Director Marketing, Givex, phone: +1-877-478-7733 ext. 309, e-mail: bryan at

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